Arthur Silber is in trouble. The IRS has targeted his sole source of income — PayPal donations to his website — and have taken everything that was in it. Now his PayPal account is unusable. His situation is dire.

Regular readers here will know that Silber — a peerless, powerful voice on the many madnesses that beset our world today — is dealing with catastrophic health issues and crippling poverty. Yet still he manages to produce an astonishing body of work — important essays of original, astringent insight and raucous, penetrating wit. Quite simply, there is no one else like him writing in the political blogosphere (or elsewhere). His is a vital voice that we cannot afford to lose.

But in this, our low, dishonest century, we see that at every turn, great criminals are lauded, honored, protected and rewarded, while those who speak the truth to power — and about power — are crushed beneath the boot heels of the imperial machinery. This can take high-profile form — as in the cases of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, for example — but it also happens every day to countless people across the land, and across the world, who never make the headlines, who simply try their best to live their lives with integrity and compassion, yet fall into the maw of the machine. Such virtues have no place in the rapacious world constructed by, and for the benefit of, our gilded elites.

Silber’s work blazes with integrity and compassion. He’s not a hack chewing partisan cud or a guru belching dogma, but a thinker thinking thoughts that can grow, evolve, deepen and change. You will never come away from his essays without having your mind engaged, invigorated, spurred to further, fruitful reflection, even turned in new directions. What more can you ask of a writer? And how many writers do we have like that?

So I would urge you to get over to his site and read the recent posts (here and here) that outline his present situation. He needs, first of all, some legal help in treading the IRS labyrinth, and also your continued support to sustain his work, which benefits us all. (He gives an address where people can contact him regarding ways of donating despite the current blockages.) Again, do go there, and do whatever you can.

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