Our experts now agree that the website was most definitely hacked, in a sophisticated and savage raid that wiped out the entire database. This website has been hacked and attacked more than any other site that I know of, despite a bristling array of ever-more complex and thorough defenses. I guess somebody out there doesn’t like us very much — although given what sweethearts we all are around here, that’s hard to fathom.

Anyway, more defenses, more tweaking, better procedures and other measures are being put in by Rich, so we hope to fend off the assailants for awhile. But again, if you ever find the site is down for an appreciable amount of time, you should check the old Empire Burlesque site at www.empireburlesquenow.blogspot.com, to see if there is any new material there in the interim.

Once again, apologies for the shut-downs, and many thanks for bearing with us.

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