Here’s some good stuff from Winter Patriot, who looks at a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal — dribbling chewed cud about the political race and, as always, slathering on war paint for the attack on Persia — and sees the reflection of our sorry state:

So this is post-democratic America in its embryonic form: stupid; distracted; cut adrift from reality; corrupt to the bone; fighting a one-sided war of choice and bragging about it; and torturing people until they get mad at us. And then, if they get mad enough to want to hurt us, we’re morally obliged to torture them again, aren’t we?

Read the whole thing. WP is really cooking with gas these days; check out these fine recent offerings as well: Jose Padilla Gets ‘Lenient’ Sentence, and Beyond the Mirror: The 9/11 Funhouse, Part III.

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