There is more to life than politics, thank God, and to that end, I’ve posted up some more songs over at the MySpace site. Most are new, and two are from Wheel of Heaven, the 2005 collaboration with Nick Kulukundis, available on iTunes.

The topics of the songs are the same traditional subjects you usually find in roots-derived music: Osip Mandelshtam in Stalin’s Moscow, H.D.’s “Helen in Egypt,” Sir Thomas Wyatt, the end of the Classical world by the fire and sword of Christianity, Mosby’s Rangers, the biochemical loam of emergent higher consciousness — oh yeah, and love, loss, loneliness and whisky.

Anyway, they’re here, if you want to give them a listen. Some more will be rotating in and out in the weeks ahead, with plans loosely afoot for some full-band, studio recordings later in the year. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

P.S. I should point out the songs here that were produced, arranged and played upon by the master-craftsman Nick Kulukundis, just so he doesn’t get the blame for the other rough, self-produced pieces. Nick’s production can be found on “Lynchburg,” “Bread is Life,” “Only Now” and “Whisky and Fruit.”

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