Arthur Silber is back, after another terrible downturn in his health which kept him from posting for almost a month. As readers here know, Arthur depends on his blog to keep body and soul together in grinding circumstances of illness and poverty (thanks to the wonderful “safety net” our society provides; but hey, at least we’re not France, right?). It’s a touch-and-go, month-to-month existence, and several weeks of enforced silence are devastating in that regard.

I know you are probably saving all your money to help those poor execs at AIG who are suffering so much without their bonuses, or maybe you’re patriotically contributing your income to the trillion-dollar nest egg that Obama and Geithner have set aside for hedge fund gamesters to squeeze even more of our blood from the toxic-paper turnip. But if you do have any spare cash left over from the administration’s noble, progressive crusade to keep rapacious elites rolling in clover, then please consider sending something to help support Silber’s work. His is a truly unique, genuinely insightful, humane and provocative vision that we can’t afford to lose.

So scoot on over there and throw some coins in the hat, so we can hear that brave voice ringing out once more.

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