I’m leaving soon for a few days, and will be in the air, on the road, and on the rails. Therefore blogging may be light or non-existent. But given the fact that the readership of this popsicle stand has dwindled to a handful — and financial support has dropped to near zero — I figure the world will somehow manage to survive this terrible lacuna.

Also, because of a relentless stream of spam comments, I’m turning off the comment function while I’m gone, since I won’t be able to do the daily weeding of all that sinister kudzu.

*Note – The Webmaster has reset the comments for members only and guests will be moderated. All new members will have to be cleared first and over 500 spammer members have been wiped from the database. If you have been accidentally deleted, please re-register again.

More later, as time shall serve. Meanwhile, enjoy this shot of deliciously bizarre Christmas cheer:


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