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Fallujah – Italian Video Documentary Link – Phosphorus Bombs

Link to Italian Documentary video here: Excerpt from a US military soldier who was in the video… from his online blog  I hope someday you find solace for the orders you have had to execute, for the carnage you helped take part in, and for the pride you wear supporting this bloodbath. Until then, you can only hope for an epiphany, something that stands out as completely immoral, that convinces you of the inhumanity of this war. I don’t know how much more proof you need. The criminal outrage of Abu Gharib, the absolute massacre of Fallujah, the stray .50

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The Philosopher’s Stone

Published in Nov. 4 edition of The Moscow Times.

Last week, a legal thunderbolt struck at the heart of the grubby conspiracy that led the United States and Britain into an illegal war of aggression against Iraq. But this searing blow didn’t fall in Washington, where a media frenzy raged over a White House indictment, but in the deeps of southern England, in a military courtroom, where a lone soldier stood against the full force of the great war-crime enterprise, armed only with a single, rusty, obsolete weapon: the law.

While Potomac courtiers and town criers were reading

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More Dispatches From the War on the Poor

Another bulletin from the front in George W. Bush’s ongoing — and highly succesful — War on the Poor (and on all those labor and are heavy-laden: the weak, the sick, the old, the damaged, the children, the working folk). This time, it’s Fightin’ Joe Conason coming out smoking in the NY Observer with a battlefield round-up of the latest triumphs in the Bush Blitzkrieg. There has never been such a sustained, deliberate and relentless assault on the well-being of ordinary Americans in the nation’s history. And it is here — in the

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The Reality of Empire

Wise man Juan Cole points us to this story, which is not just a smoking gun but a veritable MOAB which utterly destroys the big Bush lie that his war of aggression has brought “democracy” to Iraq. Jalal Talabani, the president of the supposedly “sovereign” nation of Iraq, has admitted – in front of the United Nations – that he has no power to stop the United States from using his “sovereign” nation as a launching pad for attacks on other countries – even though Talabani adamantly opposes such actions.


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Corrected Vision

Here’s “news” that should not be news but will obviously come as news to most Americans who never hear news like this: Muslims don’t like terrorism or Islamic extremists. From the Daily Telegraph (you didn’t think it would be in a US paper, did you?): Anti-terror Ramadan TV drama stirs the Arab world. Excerpts: A blockbuster Ramadan television drama broadcast across the Arab world has broken new ground by daring to question the motives of terrorism committed in the name of Allah. The plotline of al-Hur al-Ayn (Beautiful Maidens), has…been hugely popular with an Arabic-speaking public fed up with the

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What’s Past is Prologue

Not that it matters or anything, but it turns out
that the 58,000 Americans and millions of Southeast Asians killed in
the Vietnam War died for a lie. And Bush has tried to bury the latest
official confirmation of this bloody falsehood for years. Why? Because
the deliberate manipulation of intelligence involved in sucking the
United States into the Vietnam hellstorm was too close to the
deliberate manipulation of intelligence that Bush employed to suck the
United States into the Iraqi hellstorm.

We’ve said

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That Sinking Feeling

We knew his poll numbers were bad, but now it looks like George W. Bush is in total free fall: Be sure to use the cursor to get the full effect of this in-depth analysis.

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Render Unto Caesar: The End of Law

As oft noted here, Colin Powell is one of the consummate liars of the age. But last week, in an extraordinary development, his former chief of staff did something almost unheard of in official Washington, especially from an ex-high muckity-muck in the Bush Regime: he spoke the truth.

And what a truth. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson confirmed, openly, what Bush critics have been saying for years: that the regime of systematic torture that has been established in Bush’s worldwide Terror War gulag was instigated and condoned by the White House. Here’s a quote, from

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Hounds of Heaven: Bush’s Rabid Base and the Hunting of Harriet Miers

We hold no brief at all for Harriet Miers: she is a simpering factotum and cheerleader for the worst president in American history (whom she idiotically refers to as “the most brilliant man I know”) and her appointment to the Supreme Court would have been a sickening travesty. It’s good thing that she’s out of the running – but the manner of her leaving is almost as disturbing as her nomination itself. She was basically run out of town on a rail by Bush’s own “base” (or “al

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The Unsung Triumph of George W. Bush

You know, George W. Bush gets a lot of guff these days
about his “incompetence” as a war leader, with critics harping on and
on about the bloodsoaked sp
of chaos, death, ruin and atrocity that continues to gush from the open
wound that he has made of Iraq. But strangely enough, you never hear
these nabobs of negativity talk about the indisputable success of the
larger conflict that Bush has directed since his first day in office:
the War on the Poor. From his smashing victory in

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