Link to Italian Documentary video here:

Excerpt from a US military soldier who was in the video… from his online blog

 I hope someday you find solace for the orders you have had to execute,
for the carnage you helped take part in, and for the pride you wear
supporting this bloodbath. Until then, you can only hope for an
epiphany, something that stands out as completely immoral, that
convinces you of the inhumanity of this war. I don’t know how much more
proof you need. The criminal outrage of Abu Gharib, the absolute
massacre of Fallujah, the stray .50 caliber bullets or 40 millimeter
grenades or tank rounds fired in highly packed urban areas, five
hundred pound bombs dropped on innocent homes, the use of 25 millimeter
depleted uranium rounds, the inhumane use of white phosphorus, the hate
and the blood and the misunderstandings…this is the war and the system
that you support. If you choose to be that programmed automaton that
will follow along in this debacle like a lemming off a cliff, than the
real pity should be on you.

J.D. Engelhardt –

Link to Italian Documentary video here:

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