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Trash Talk: Early Waste Management for Election 2008

Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi and Arthur Silber took out some election garbage for us last week. First, Greenwald wiped the lipstick off the pig that is the “dream candidacy” of Fred Thompson, the fake Tennesseean. (He’s spent most of his life in Washington — and was born in Alabama, of all places. Son, you ain’t no Tennessean if you were born in by-god Alabama, I don’t care where you went to high school or dodged the draft from.)

Next, Taibbi

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The Sleep of Reason: Christopher Hitchens Takes a Roll in the Hay

You know, it has long been fashionable to criticize Christopher Hitchens for his appalling adherence to the gangsters of the Bush Regime, whom he for many years painted in the kind of bold, heroic tones we‘ve not seen since the heyday of Socialist Realism. And while Hitchens is now trying to get back to where he once belonged to some extent — washing his hands of a war whose failure he now blames largely on the anti-war left and instead shooting a few

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Across the Universes: Somali Music Stands Against War

Hundreds of thousands of Somalis have been killed or inflicted with grave suffering by the Bush-backed Ethiopian-led “regime change” in their country, and we have tried to document some of that suffering here. But it would be inaccurate and demeaning to allow the very real and manifold travails of the Somalis to be the only picture ever presented of them, as if they were simply eternal victims, vague, helpless creatures worthy only of pity – instead of fully fledged, individual, complex and engaged human beings like the rest of us. <br style="font-family:

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One Eye Open: A Blinkered Glimpse of Somalia’s Terror War Suffering

Now that it’s over, now that it can be portrayed as another “refugee crisis” to tug at the heartstrings, the American corporate media have deigned to notice the suffering of Somalia, the latest target of a military “regime change” operation in Bush’s Terror War.

Hundreds of innocent people were killed and hundreds of thousands were driven from their homes as the American-trained, American-funded troops of Ethiopia’s brutal dictatorship swept into Somalia late last year and, with the aid of local warlords in the pay of the CIA, overthrew

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The Shores of Tripoli: Torture in the Service of Arms and Oil

The new Michael Isikoff story in Newsweek
about the macabre torture of Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi confirms, once
again, one of the underlying truths a
bout George W. Bush’s gulag: He
does not have people tortured in order to extract information from
them; he has them tortured in order to manufacture false
information which can be used to advance his agenda of aggressive war
and domestic tyranny. This has long been plain, but the Isikoff story,
based on reporting

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Five Gears in Reverse: The Cold War and Modern Moral Cowardice


Perhaps it was the end of the Cold
War that did it. After all, it’s been almost 20 years since the Berlin
Wall came down. You’d have to be well over thirty to remember the feel
of those times, and what’s more, to be steeped in the unspoken
assumptions that pervaded the era. Whole generations have been raised
up now for whom the mores of that time, good and bad, are little more
than nostalgic fashions to pick and choose from — or simply discard —
as they assemble their ideological

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The Mirror Crack’d: Into the Lebanese Labyrinth with the Angry Arab

Again, for anyone interested in the fate of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon who have been caught in the murderous crossfire of the geopolitical games being played out on the bodies of innocent people by the Bush-Cheney gang, the Saudi royals, the Israelis and the Iranians, you need to consult the site of As’ad AbuKhalil, the “Angry Arab.” Born and raised in Lebanon, and long a leading political science professor in the United States, AbuKhalil is one of the very,

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General Strike: Another Officer Denounces Military Aggression

It seems there is
another ex-general out there who is not too fond of sending American
troops off on a “war of conquest,” and who feels that such “unjust”
misadventures not only corrupt the nation’s character and betray its
founding principles, but also provoke sustained, horrific blowback
against the American people. What’s more, the general says that such a
reaction to America’s “transgression” is not only justified — it is an
act of divine retribution for the nation’s sins.

Who is this five-star turncoat, so
brimming with dhimmitude, defeatism and

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Many Thanks

I just wanted to say thanks for all the support garnered by the post below
— and a special thanks to Rich for posting it up in the first place.
Although I’d been thinking of doing another fundraising pitch, I didn’t
ask him to do this one — it was an act of spontaneous generosity on
his part: just one more example of the extraordinary and continuing
generosity he has given to this site, which he created out from
open-source software and has sustained with an enormous amount of work,
especially lately, as he’s

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