Background to the war in Somalia:

US Attacks Somalia, Taking Sides With Former Enemy Warlords

Air America: Civilian Death Toll Grows in Somalia

Bush-Backed Liberation of Somalia: “Most of the dead are poor people”

See No Evil: Somalia Sinks Into the Pit as the World Looks Away

Where the Dead Rot in the Streets: Bush’s Terror War in Somalia Rages On

The Lies of the Times: NYT Pushes Bush Line on Somalia

Blues for Allah: More Blood in the Wake of the “War on Terror”

Getting Away With It: Rendition and Regime Change in Somalia

Fear Factor: Press Plays 9/11 Card to Justify Somalia Slaughter

War on Terror Spawns War Crimes Charges in Somalia

Terror War III: U.S. Forces Capture, Render Refugees From Somali “Regime Change”

Live Burlesque on Antiwar Radio: Interview About Somalia

Violence and Violation: An Update on Terror War III

Black Hawk Rising: CIA Warlords Take Control in Mogadishu

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