Apologies for any glitches or interruptions of service over the past few days. I’ve been away — completely away — for the past seven days, in an isolated cottage on the ragged seacoast of wild Wales, with no phone, no internet access, no TV, no newspapers, no car, no contact with the outside world. Pure bliss, in other words. I’ve also taken up a project that has no connection to the swirling circus of “current events,” although the topic in question is one of the deepest foundations of American politics and society today: the Civil War.

I’ve also taken the opportunity of this rare interlude to think about where to go with the website from here — a process of contemplation that derives solely from the particular circumstances of my personal life, and has nothing to do with the election to the presidency of the most conservative Democrat since the avowedly racist warmonger and authoritarian, Woodrow Wilson: an event which many if not most of our “dissidents” seem to have regarded as an excuse to abandon their reason, lower their guard, and glory in their proximity — real or imagined — to the circles of imperial power.

So posting in these precincts might be a bit more intermittent and idiosyncratic in the next couple of weeks, as the aforementioned project careens toward its merciless deadline, and the fruits of the above-noted contemplation emerge slowly into the light. But I have little doubt that we will continue to attempt, in our ever incomplete and less than ept way, to speak truth not to power — because power sure enough ain’t listening — but about power, as far as we are able. I hope you’ll stay along for the ride.

Or as Uncle Bob says: “Things should start to get interesting right about now.”

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