1. It seems that one of the chief poisoners of American politics has died. Good thing for Richard Weyrich (the rouged and ghoulish figure at right; the extreme right) that the afterlife portrayed in the pig-ignorant fundamentalism he used to push his vicious agenda doesn’t really exist; otherwise, he’d be howling and gnashing in the flames of hellfire this very moment.

2. Speaking of pig-ignorant fundamentalism, there’s not much I can say about Barack Obama’s choice of Rick Warren — the bloated, bigoted suburban megachurch bullshit purveyor — to give the invocation at his inauguration, except to note that it is, yet again, confirmation that our progressive paladin really doesn’t care for American citizens who love people of the same sex. He is very, very happy to see them consigned to the same second-class status under the law that African-Americans suffered for so long (and which most African-Americans still suffer in practice). One begins to suspect that deep, deep down, our progressive paladin might not be a very nice man. (Glenn Greenwald has a round-up of links on some of Warren’s enlightened positions.)

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