…The departing Americans should…give the $18 billion slush fund now
earmarked for Bush’s “reconstruction” bagmen to the Iraqi people, as
reparations for the Coalition’s war crime….The United States and
Britain should also be prepared to take in the vast horde of refugees
who will flee the hardline Islamic regime that will doubtless be
created in the ruins Bush has made of the once-secular state.

for the “leaders” who committed this crime, there is only one thing
left for them to do now, only one way for them to serve the people they
have betrayed so vilely and stupidly. All of them – Bush, Blair, Dick
Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condi Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Colin Powell,
Geoff Hoon, Jack Straw, Richard Perle, the whole sick crew – should
pick up a rifle and go to the front lines in Fallujah and Baghdad. Let
them take the places of the young men and young women who signed up as
soldiers to defend their country or make a better life for themselves –
not to become pawns and killers for the Hitlerite ambitions of the
bloodsoaked fools who threw them into this quagmire.

Hitlerite ambitions: dreams of global dominance, fetishes of
militarism, fantasies of superiority, and the willingness to impose
your self-serving vision of “universal truth” – in this case, the
rapacious crony capitalism that Bush has officially named “the single
sustainable model of national success” – at the barrel of a gun. That’s
what lies behind this madness.

As we’ve noted so often here
before – and will ring the bell one more time – the conquest of Iraq
has nothing to do with terrorism or liberation or WMD or national
security or Arab democracy or Bush family revenge. It’s been planned
for years by Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld and other Bush retainers,
planned openly, and for one reason only: to give the United States
direct military control of the Middle East in order to dominate global
economic and political life for “the New American Century.” This need
was so great, said the group – openly, in September 2000 – that it
“transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.” It wouldn’t
have mattered if Saddam had found Jesus, or freed his people, or set
himself on fire in Madison Square Garden: the Bushists were always
going to invade and occupy Iraq – always, no matter what.

they’ll never embrace any sensible solution for getting out. The red
wheel will just keep rolling on, spewing thousands more unnecessary
deaths – until those rabid Easter Bunnies, Bush and Blair, finally
FUBAR themselves into the inevitable, ignominious retreat.

The whole column can be found here.

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