by Richard Kastelein

We are currently testing have tested this quicker, more secure architecture for Empire Burlesque. And we decided to make the switch today – September 29, 2008.

It’s been almost three years now – and – according to statcounter… we have had 2,184,677 unique visits from when we opened the doors in September 2005 after Floyd moved from the old digs at his cookie cutter blog at Wow! And thank you.

In 2006, we launched Atlantic Free Press where I now work with over 350 writers in an Open Source Journalism environ… as well as Pacific Free Press and Gorilla Radio which are operated by progressive activist Chris Cook out of Victoria, British Columbia. AFPKudos and Safehost Netherlands are also projects that evolved from the friendship that Chris Floyd and I still enjoy today.

The reason for the upgrade of Empire Burlesque was simple… it was to improve your experience while reading, researching, or simply perusing these pages. Joomla, the Open Source Software we have used since launch has entered another era and it was time to move from an old fork to the new one in terms of software – from 1.0.x to 1.5.x.

Please feel free to support Chris Floyd via the new donation link (someone test it please!).



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