I had the pleasure and privilege of doing an interview with Cindy Sheehan on her radio show not long ago. She is, of course, one of the original modern ‘Occupiers,’ having “occupied” public space outside the fake dude ranch of George W. Bush (and other spaces) in the heroic attempt to force the twerpish little errand boy of empire to explain why America was waging aggressive war in Iraq — a war that took the life of Sheehan’s son, and shocked her into the life of dissent and activism that she carries on, bravely, today.

The interview can be heard here. I don’t know how interesting or even coherent it is on my part. It was recorded the night my father died, a few hours before he slipped away. (I had already booked my overseas flight to say goodbye; I didn’t make it.) But I do remember that Cindy had many good insights to offer, so it should be worth hearing for that, at least.

This also happens to be my swan song on radio. It’s not a forum that I’ve ever been comfortable with or good at, so after years of blathering on nervously to hosts who were almost always more interesting and informed than I was (like Cindy or Scott Horton at Antiwar.com), I’ve decided to hang it up at last.  Anyway, here it is. And many thanks to Cindy for having me on the show.

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