P.S. We’ve said it before
and no doubt we’ll say it again: an Obama presidency, like a H. Clinton
presidency, will mean some measure of genuine mitigation of some of the
worst depredations of the Bush Regime. There’s no question about that.
But no one who openly embraces the foreign policy of Ronald Reagan and
George Bush I, or John F. Kennedy for that matter, is going to change
in any substantial way the militarist-corporate machine that has
already destroyed our democracy, gutted our Constitution, corrupted our
system beyond all measure (and probably beyond all repair), and killed
– and keeps on killing – hundreds of thousands of innocent people,
decade after decade. Given this fact, every American voter must decide,
in his or her own conscience, this question: Should I act to mitigate
some small measure of the mass suffering wrought by this machine; or
does that action, that participation, merely legitimize the machine,
and strengthen it?  

That is the only question at issue
in this election. For none of the prospective presidents offer any hope
– audacious or otherwise – of any kind of root-and-branch reform of the
imperial system, which will continue to grind on — in its traditional, realistic, bipartisan way.

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