Well, I reckon our bipartisan, war-loving political-media establishment won’t let any Russkie connections bring Trump down now! He has suddenly become “presidential”: the NYT story on the Syria strike was full of respectful, anonymous insider hagiography the like of which we haven’t seen since the paper’s reverent 2012 account of Obama’s weekly “kill list” meetings, which evoked St Thomas Aquinas to describe a group of men checking off names of “suspects” to be assassinated in a secret, arbitrary, unaccountable “extrajudicial” process.

Of course, in his first days in office, Trump has already killed hundreds of civilians in Iraq and Syria and Yemen — including an 8-year-old American girl shot dead through the neck by US Special Forces for the crime of being the child of an “enemy of the people.” (Obama had earlier killed her brother for the same crime; neither child was involved with terrorism.) But these early Trump kills were just continuations of ongoing campaigns of human slaughter that no one noticed anymore. Now Trump has drawn new blood, striking directly at Syrian forces. (A country the U.S. is not actually at war with, but who bothers with that fusty old constitutional stuff in our go-go modern age?)

If Trump keeps it up, drawing the U.S. deeper into an intractable conflict (guaranteeing boffo box office for the war profiteering community), there’s no way our betters will dump him. Groin-groping, nepotistic corruption, even Kremlin canoodling will be forgotten as, like Hillary and McCain, we rally round the great War Chief.

Below are a few quick Twitter takes on the dawning of our glorious new era of bipartisan comity sealed, as always, in the blood of faceless foreigners:

* Boy, I hope Trump didn’t order the Syria strike just to divert attention from Bill O’Reilly’s troubles!

* Liberal pundits are angry that US told Russian forces to stay out of harm’s way. Guess they were hoping the raid would spark nuclear Armageddon.

* Trump, whose troops shot and killed an 8-yr-old girl in a civilian-killing raid in Yemen, now praised for ’emotion’ over Syrian children.

* Assad shouldn’t kill children with chemical weapons; he should shoot them in the neck, like an ‘exceptional’ nation did in Yemen.

* Assad shouldn’t use chemical weapons to kill civilians; he should use depleted uranium to slaughter civilians, like moral nations do!

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