Here’s a combination more deadly than Tinkers to Evers to Chance: Silber to Hudson to Whitney. Once again, Arthur Silber draws on the analysis and reportage of Michael Hudson and Mike Whitney as he explains the truth of the economic fix we’re in — and just how the economic fix is in.

You think it’s not a rigged game? Then check out this revealing passage that Silber highlights from Whitney’s article:

In truth, Geithner did us all a big favor on Tuesday by exposing himself as a stooge of the banking industry. Now everyone can see that the banks are working the deal from the inside. Geithner has assembled a phalanx of Wall Street flim-flam men to fill out the roster at Treasury. His chief-of-staff is lobbyist from Goldman Sachs. The new deputy secretary of state is a former CEO of Citigroup. Another CFO from Citigroup is now assistant to the president, and deputy national security adviser for International Economic Affairs. And one of his deputies also came from Citigroup. One new member of the president’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board comes from UBS, which is currently being investigated for helping rich clients evade taxes. The Obama White House is a beehive of big money guys and Wall Street speculators.

To which Silber adds this appropriate and devastating gloss:

So who are you going to believe? The ignorant and/or lying voices of the system that’s killing you (at this late date, you can place primary emphasis on the “lying” part of that description), or your own lying eyes?

Silber then harks back to a prophetic piece he wrote last fall, when the “credit crunch” was still being described as an “economic downturn”:

Those people who have followed the foreign policy catastrophes of recent years are repeatedly struck by this phenomenon: all the “experts” who are supposedly so knowledgeable in this area — that is, all the “experts” who led us into the catastrophes and who were grievously, bloodily, murderously wrong about every significant matter — remain entrenched in the foreign policy establishment. Moreover, they are precisely the people to whom everyone turns for the “solution” to the disasters that engulf us, both now and the disasters likely to come. This is what it means to have a ruling class. As I have said, the ruling class rules. The ruling class exercises a lethal monopoly on the terms of public debate, just as it exercises a lethal monopoly on the uses of state power.

What you have seen over the last six months and more, and what you will see in the coming months and years, is the same phenomenon in the realm of economic policy. All of the solons who led us into this abyss of mounting debt, worthless securities, failing financial institutions, economic contraction and collapse, rising taxation, and all the rest, will now instruct us as to how we should “solve” the crisis that they have created. The crisis may be ameliorated to a degree, and the worst of the consequences may be postponed for a while. But whatever “solutions” are implemented, whatever reorganization and reregulation is imposed, it will all be done in accordance with the ruling class’s desires and goals. It will all be to protect their own wealth and power to whatever extent is possible, and to expand their wealth and power still more, if that remains at all feasible.

Silber has much more, including the usual links that broaden and deepen the context of the current crisis, as well as more from Hudson and Whitney. So take yourself out to the ballgame now, and see these infield aces in action.

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