All condolences are due to the victims of the Boston bombing and their families — and to all those victimized by violence around the world today.

This includes the 75 people killed in bomb attacks across Iraq, a commonplace occurrence since American invaders destroyed the country and deliberately sowed bloody sectarian strife there.

And the families of the 20 people killed by a bombing Sunday in Somalia, a country whose fragile peace was shattered by an American-backed foreign invasion, which included American bombings, American renditions and American death squads sowing — what else? — bloody sectarian strife.

And the captives in Guantanamo Bay being beaten and brutalized by a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, who is keeping dozens of men cleared for release even by the twisted, draconian “rules” of the gulag itself — while he continues to kill people around the world — without charges, trial, evidence, defense or warning — by his own unchallengeable, merciless diktat.

And the families of the four unnamed, unknown people killed Sunday in Pakistan — a sovereign nation allied with the United States — in a drone attack by U.S. missiles: more corpses to join the thousands killed by coward-controlled robots in the Nobellist’s savage campaign that is “radicalizing an entirely new generation” and inflicting psychological terror on hundreds of thousands of innocent people, day after day, night after night, without end.

And the dozens of people killed across Syria today, in a vicious civil war fueled by American-backed al-Qaeda affiliates armed and funded by brutal tyrants and global purveyors of sectarian violence — America’s beloved Saudi royals — attacking a brutal Syrian regime once happily used as a proxy torturer in the American Terror War.

Yes, let us remember the victims of violence today, those who died and those who live on in the scarred, tormented aftermath. Let us remember them in Boston, in Baghdad, in Mogadishu, in Guantanamo, in Waziristan –and in every corner of the world where the crippled souls who live by violence seek to impose their evil dreams on us all.

**Edited to update death count in Iraq.**

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