This week, an angry white man of European heritage flew an airplane into a building in protest against American political policies.

I urge the Department of Homeland Security to immediately institute stringent new visa requirements for all white people of European heritage who come from countries where there is likely to be anger about American policies. We cannot afford to let people like that into this country — and if they are already here, we must remove them.

Of course, most angry white people of European heritage will not go so far as to commit acts of terrorism. And it is indeed unfortunate that some innocent white people of European heritage might be caught up in the security net. But as long as there is even a one percent chance that someone like that might commit an act of terrorism, we must make the tough choices and act decisively, without worrying about "political correctness."

Or do you want to wake up tomorrow and see the smoking gun of a mushroom cloud in your child’s cereal bowl?

For as a wise man once said: "Those who sacrifice liberty for security make the world safe for democracy." Or something like that. 

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