Arthur Silber is back, in a big way, with all guns blazing, in three new pieces that hit the boards this week.

First up is a blackly comic take on the mindless, fear-ridden conformity that permeates our political “debate” — if one may so degrade the language by applying this term to the witless splutterings of the fourth-rate goobers and inch-deep intellects who prance across our various media stages these days. Silber then takes a quick, sharp look at a particularly egregious example of the sinister interpenetration of our media and political elite.

These were followed hard upon by a powerful and substantive analysis of the implications of the ice-cold killing machine being operated by the Obama White House — or rather, openly celebrated by the Obama White House, as we saw in the remarkable piece of death porn in the NY Times last week. You should read the whole thing, but here is a brief excerpt:

I consider the reaction to [the NYT] article — to be more precise, the non-reaction — to be one of the worst signs we have yet seen concerning the collapse of this country into unrelenting, savage barbarism. … Given the subject matter, we can be certain that these “advisers” would not have provided numerous details about the “Kill List” unless the Obama administration wanted them to. In other words: this is the story the government wants to tell. This is the story the government wants Americans — and the watching world — to know. I state again that the central theme of the story is that Obama and his closest advisers are engaged in a systematic program of murder, targeting people about whom they know nothing in terms of the factors they themselves claim demand their urgent concern. That is to say: they murder anyone they wish, anywhere in the world, for any reason they choose — or for no reason at all.

That is what they want you to know. And what is the reaction of almost everyone? The overwhelming majority of Americans haven’t reacted at all. It is as if nothing whatsoever has been said. They simply don’t care. Because this is the story the government wants to tell, we may properly regard it as being in the nature of a trial balloon. The U.S. government is saying to all of us, and to the entire world:

We can murder anyone we want, just because we feel like it. And guess what: we do! And we do it regularly and systematically. Because we want to!

Does anybody care? Does anyone give a damn?

Now they have their answer.

Read it, and tremble for the horror we have, and the horror that’s yet to come.

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