Worrying news this week from the Middle East, as Jason Ditz reports:

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki today blasted calls for Sunnis to consider a secessionist movement in the nation’s west, insisting that any effort to form an autonomous region or to secede outright would lead to bloodshed. “If it happens, people will fight each other and blood will reach to the knee,” insisted Maliki.

Wait a minute! Is this a national leader using extreme rhetoric to threaten condign punishment against those who rebel against his government? Isn’t that what Moamar Gadafy was accused of doing? Wasn’t this indeed the whole casus belli of West’s war on Libya?

Then we must immediately intervene militarily to save the innocent civilians of western Iraq from this threatened bloodbath! We’d better send troops into Iraq right away to stop this raging heinous monster!

For as every heart-sworn humanitarian interventionist knows, the presence of death-dealing Western military power is the best guarantee of a peaceful, stable, happy regime — especially in those benighted countries where the grubby little darkies can’t be trusted to sort out their own affairs.

Forward to Baghdad!

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