I know times are hard, and I hate this like the devil, but the website is cash-strapped like never before, so I’m putting out the hat once again for anyone who’d like to throw in a groschen or two.

One-time donations and regular subscriptions to the site have long dwindled to almost nothing. The economic crash has a lot to do with it, of course, but the level really started dropping precipitiously after the new Administration took office. Just as in the old days, when we were berating Bush during the height of his popularity (and rightwing pork was flowing freely to those who backed the Leader), it looks like we’ve ended up on the “wrong” side again, saying things that folks don’t want to hear about new gang of the great and the good.

At any rate, for whatever reason, the coffers are pretty much dry at the moment. It’s obvious by now that I’m never going to get another paying gig for my political writing, so unseemly appeals like this one are the only means I have to support my journalism (such as it is).

I wouldn’t want anyone to give to this website over some other worthy cause, or in lieu of giving to bloggers who need help even more acutely (such as Arthur Silber, who is in very bad health, and has not been able for some time to post on his blog, which is his sole means of support). But if you do have any spare change left over when all else has been taken care of, and if you’d like to help support the site with a bit of it, well, it would be much appreciated.

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