We have arrived at what Tennessee Williams once called A Moon of Pause. When I asked him what on earth the phrase meant, as spoken by an actress in one of his plays, “It is,” he said loftily, “the actual Greek translation of menopause.” I said that the word “moon” did not come from menses (Latin, not Greek, for “month”). “Then what,” he asked suspiciously, “is the Latin for moon?” When I told him it was luna and what fun he might have with the world “lunatic,” he sighed and cut.
Gore Vidal


Our revels now are not quite ended, but they have come to a moon of pause. I’m taking a sabbatical from the blog for awhile — perhaps a long while. There are many reasons for this: personal, political, physical, psychological, philosophical (and other words beginning with p). I thought at first to set down a few of these reasons here; but on second thought, I thought not. Suffice to say that when the Burlesque returns, it will be with some new costumes, new dance routines, new music, new approaches. At least I hope so.

Meanwhile, thanks to the goodness of the blog’s creator and webmaster, Rich Kastelein (“il miglior fabbro“), the site will remain “live” while I’m gone. Indeed, Rich’s powerful collection of photos showing the realities of the American Imperium at war actually draws a large proportion of the blog’s traffic every day. So the site itself will not be substantially affected by my absence.

In that absence, I leave behind a few statements which express some of the basic premises and stances behind the blog — just in case somebody wanders by and wants to know what kind of place this is.

See you down the line somewhere.


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