The Oil Industry’s Covert Campaign to Rewrite American Car Emissions Rules (NYT)


It doesn’t matter if the planet burns and our children choke to death on dirty air. The only thing that matters is that the Koch Brothers and their cronies make a bit more money to add to their already-monstrous piles of wealth (much of it inherited) which they could never spend in a thousand lifetimes. The earth will fry, our children and grandchildren will suffer and die in an utterly degraded and destabilized world, because these bloated, well-wadded, manipulative “malefactors of great wealth” (to quote an old Republican president) are sick with greed and a perverted lust for domination and power. They own one whole political party and 90% of the other; through their extremist ALEC vehicle, they literally write laws to enrich themselves and give them to the legislators they own to pass into law.

If (as seems increasingly doubtful) anything remotely resembling independent, truthful history is still being written a hundred years from now, people will look back in abject horror and disgust at the system we have today — and be especially sickened at the way we destroyed the future of our own offspring while telling ourselves how wonderful and righteous and good and great we are.

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