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Bush Regime Thinks Holocaust Deniers Are “Scholars”

Well, they would, wouldn’t they? From Mark Crispin Miller via The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies. Excerpt: A new U.S. government report refers to Holocaust-deniers as “scholars and researchers”…”Holocaust-deniers are not scholars or researchers — they are bigots who try to hide their anti-semitism behind the mask of fake scholarship,” said Wyman Institute Director Dr. Rafael Medoff. “For a U.S. government report to call them ‘scholars’ gives them the legitimacy they desperately crave but do not deserve.”

But why all the hub-bub? It’s just like “intelligent
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Even Better Than the Real Thing

Officials Find No Evidence of Subway Bombing PlotExcerpt from the Chicago Tribune: A reported plot to bomb [New York] subways with remote-controlled explosives has not been corroborated after days of investigation, law enforcement officials said Sunday amid an easing sense of concern. Interrogations of suspects captured in Iraq last week after a tip about bomb-laden suitcases and baby carriages have yet to yield evidence that the plot was real, officials said. “The intelligence community has been able to determine that there are very serious doubts about the credibility of this specific threat,” Homeland Security Department spokesman Russ Knocke said. [end]

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I, Bagman: The Story of Colin Powell

Jonathan Schwarz is back and loaded for bear over at Tiny Revolution, with a takedown of the tissue of lies that Colin Powell disgorged in an interview with ABC News last month. Powell’s reputation as “one of the good guys” in the Bush Administration has been one of the most enduring mysteries of our sad, demented times. He was not only one of the chief enablers of Bush’s war crime in Iraq, but his entire career has marked him out as

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The new CD, Wheel of Heaven, a musical collaboration between “Tennessee songwriter Chris Floyd and global musician Nick Kulukundis” (as the promo says), is now on sale from CafePress. You can find it here or via the Merchandise section of the blog, on the left. Various cuts from the album have been featured for months in the “Audio Burlesque” section on the right. Anyway, it’s out now, so y’all come and get it if you want it. Below is an excerpt from

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Demolition Man

Juan Cole absolutely demolishes Bush’s “major speech” on the Terror War. With facts,
with history, with truth, with logic, Cole takes down Bush’s castle of
bullshit brick by brick, and leaves the sad and sinister little
creature bawling in the ruins. No excerpts here; just go read the whole
thing now: Arguing With Bush and the GWOT.

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Moot Court: Harriet, Jughead and Judicial Jokery

This is an expanded version of the column published in the Oct. 7 edition of The Moscow Times. For annotations and sources, see the Times version here.

Last week, George W. Bush filled the final vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court – and right on cue, all the knee-jerk Bush-bashers were up in arms, sputtering the usual objections: Unqualified crony! Right-wing apparatchik! Fawning, groveling Bush Family factotum! Wheel-greasing goon in high-priced threads!

Poor little dissident lambkins. They must be the only people left in the United States who still take the country’s governance

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CNN – Terror speech followed by CNN terror alert in NYC.

After barely stomaching Dumbya’s speech yesterday – it was an arduous experience – I find it interesting that within six hours CNN international was ablaze with NEW YORK SUBWAY terrorist alert tickers and headlines. I had to laugh when all they could show were people actually still going in and out of the stations… and were trying to stimulate a Republican State senator into confirming something… anything to no avail. Well timed, I must say. The complete disregard for the terms of consensual reality in order to shape the world to a narrow ideology is what I see happening among

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Goon Show: Lunacy’s Long March

Max Blumenthal notes this chilling example of how the violent extremist right-wing fringe has migrated to the very center of national power: You’ve Come a Long Way, Crazy! Check out Max’s site to get the full sourcing on this disturbing story.

WASHINGTON, Oct. 2 /Christian Wire Service/ — National Clergy Council president, the Reverend Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK), today attended the annual Red Mass that included President George Bush and newly appointed Chief Justice John Roberts, as well as other prominent officials including Supreme Court associate justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy and Stephen

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Notes From a Gilded Age

In the department of dog-bites-man news, the NYT reports: At the Very Top, a Surge in Income in ’03.

Excerpt: After falling for two years, the share of income going to the richest slice of Americans – the top tenth of 1 percent – grew significantly in 2003 while the share going to 99 percent of Americans fell, tax data released yesterday showed. At the same time, the effective income tax rates paid by the top tenth of 1 percent fell sharply, declining at more than 10 times the rate reduction for middle-class taxpayers, the

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God Ordered Iraq War, Says Bush

I don’t like to strike a personal note here, but for more than two years, I’ve been getting angry emails from people about an article I wrote in June 2003: God’s Errand Boy: The Revelation of St. George. The story, which appeared in The Moscow Times and CounterPunch, was taken from a Haaretz piece which told of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ report to his colleagues of his recent summit with Bush and Sharon. Abbas said that Bush declared: “God told me to strike at al

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