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Rough Justice

Rough, tough Tony Blair is cracking down on war criminals in Britain, The Independent reports. In a single day, he had the following terrorists trussed up in court:

* Maya Evans, 25, convicted for reading out names of 97 British soldiers killed in Iraq at unauthorised protest.
* Douglas Barker, 72, threatened with jail for withholding part of his tax payment in protest at the Iraq conflict.
* Malcolm Kendall-Smith, a 37-year-old RAF medical officer, facing court-martial for refusing to serve in Iraq. 
For more on Kendall-Smith, see The Philosopher’s Stone.

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Art, Truth and Politics

The following are excerpted passages from Harold Pinter’s Nobel speech, delivered on Tuesday, Dec. 7. The whole video (in Flash and WMV format) and speech, supplied by our webmaster, Rich Kastelein, can be found here.

The majority of politicians, on the evidence available to us, are interested not in truth but in power and in the maintenance of that power. To maintain that power it is essential that people remain in ignorance, that they live in ignorance of the truth, even the truth of their

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The Glamour of Bushgoonery

With his usual eagle eye for depravity, Jonathan Schwarz at A Tiny Revolution has abstracted the most representative fact from the recent Washington Post story about the Bush gang’s “erroneous renditions” (a.k.a. kidnapping innocent people and torturing them). Jon notes the lurid S&M quality of the operations, mentioned only in passing in the Post story and left unremarked by the commentariat — which probably says volumes about the unspoken assumptions that underlie the American Establishment these days.

The Part They DON’T Tell You About James Bond (ATR)


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Your Progressive Opposition in Action

Hillary Clinton is co-sponsoring a bill with Utah Republican Bob Bennett that will make it a crime to “desecrate” a U.S. flag. (The word “desecration” should always be put in quotes in this context – because the American flag is not a sacred object, for God’s sake! It’s a national emblem, not a religious relic.) The law would ban protestors from “intimidating any person by burning the flag, lighting someone else’s flag or [‘]desecrating[‘] the flag on federal property.” Clinton “has compared the act of flag-burning to burning a cross.” [From Newsday]

A few questions raised

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Brass in Pocket, Blood on the Tracks

The only defense for the indefensible is to be offensive, it seems. The Bush Faction has obviously decided to stop refuting allegations about torture and just openly embrace the heinous practice instead. You’ve got Bush vowing to veto torture restrictions, you’ve got Cheney twisting arms on Capitol Hill to preserve the Faction’s inalienable right to beat people to death — and now you’ve got Condi Rice traipsing off to Europe to tell America’s allies to stop all their whining about <a href=",3858,5349066-110878,00.html"

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Pit Boss:George Bush’s Empire of Torture

Mark Follman of proves an excellent Virgil in this harrowing tour through the sulphurous pit of George W. Bush’s vast torture Hell. Bush has wrought a work of genuine evil in America’s name, systematically and deliberately infecting society with moral corruption and subverting the very nature of law itself in an attempt to escape responsibility for his crimes.

I’ve been writing articles about Bush’s use of torture since January 2002. I don’t know what else to say about it. When I look at Bush’s face — however well-scrubbed, tanned and carefully made-up it

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Death Mask: The Deliberate Disintegration of Iraq

This is an extended version of a column appearing in the Dec. 2 edition of The Moscow Times.

The recent revelations about the virulent spread of death squads ravaging Iraq have only confirmed for many people the lethal incompetence of the Bush Regime, whose brutal bungling appears to have unleashed the demon of sectarian strife in the conquered land. The general reaction, even among some war supporters, has been bitter derision: “Jeez, these bozos couldn’t boil an egg without causing collateral damage.”

But what if the truth

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Die Laughing: The Bush Way of Rehabilitation

Orginally published in the Aug. 29, 2003 edition of The Moscow Times.

Here’s a headline you don’t see every day: “War Criminals Hire War Criminals to Hunt Down War Criminals.”

Perhaps that’s not the precise wording used by the Washington Post this week, but it is the absolute essence of its story about the Bush Regime’s new campaign to put Saddam’s murderous security forces on America’s payroll.

Yes, the sahibs in Bush’s Iraqi Raj are now doling out American tax dollars to hire the murderers of the infamous Mukhabarat and other agents of the

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Citizen McCain:Hugging the Hard Right Shore

This Nation article (“The Real McCain“) is a good antidote for all those naïfs out there who believe that John McCain is some kind of “maverick,” a genuine alternative to the hard-right Bushist machine. If anything, McCain’s rock-ribbed conservative credentials have long been more solid than Bush’s. Read McCain’s gushy, cringing praises of his Glorious Leader below and you will know exactly what we have here: another Colin Powell, riding a media-concocted image of bipartisan statesmanship to national prominence, but when the chips are down, falling dutifully into line

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Truth:A Weapon of Mass Instruction

A soldier speaks the truth – now watch the Beltway cowards and their blogger brigades tremble. From a letter to Stars and Stripes, via Buzzflash:

Capt. Jeff Pirozzi
Camp Taqaddum, Iraq

Weapons of mass destruction? I’m still looking for them, and if you find any give me a call so we can justify our presence in Iraq. We started the war based on a lie, and we’ll finish it based on a lie. I say this because I am currently serving with a logistics headquarters in the Anbar province, between the cities of Fallujah

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