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The Enemy Within: Anthrax and the Rollback of American Liberty

It Should Have Been Unforgettable
A brilliant analysis by Tom Englehardt on “The Anthrax Attacks and the Costs of 9/11,”
contrasting the Bush gang’s wildly differing reactions to the two separate terrorist attacks of Autumn 2001, and drawing sharp, disturbing insights from the consequences that have followed Bush’s choice of responses — actions that have resulted in a corrosion of the American state that Osama bin Laden could not have hoped for in his wildest dreams. This is yet another piece that should be read in full, but below are few highlights:

9/11 was the

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Predator’s Progress: Victory in the East

Two excellent pieces provide a strong counterpoint to Bush’s mendacious blather about victory and progress in his predatory war on Iraq. First, Salim Lone, former spokesman for the UN mission in Iraq, in the Guardian: The Nadir of Occupation.

Excerpts: In American proconsul Paul Bremer’s 2003 master plan, last week’s election was meant to be the culminating act in entrenching democratic rule in Iraq. Instead it marks the nadir of the American enterprise there. The brutal failure of that enterprise, and of the similarly unlawful tactics employed in the war on terror,

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American Dream

Morales Wins Bolivia Poll in Landslide Victory (Financial  Times)
The people of Bolivia became the enemy of the United States government yesterday by committing the heinous crime of democracy, voting in an indigenous leader  who promises to nationalize the country’s gas industry — long eyed as low-hanging fruit by Bush cronies in the energy bidness.

Excerpt: Evo Morales on Sunday won a landslide victory in Bolivia’s presidential elections to become the country’s first indigenous leader. The scale of the triumph, which was not anticipated by

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A Ten-Step Program for Tyranny

Run, don’t walk to the Huffington Post and pick up Jane Smiley’s searing, scouring blast of truth,
blistering the gaudy paint from the tin-pot tyranny of the Bush Regime.
She has managed to encapsulate in just a few thousand words much of
what I’ve been trying to say in my columns for years. One of her most
telling points is the way that the American political/media class
persists in its delusion that the Bushists can be brought to “reason,”
made to see the “error of their ways” and change their

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Crips and Blood Money

Dead Man Walking: Bush Sr. and North Should Join Tookie Williams (Another Day in the Empire)
Kurt Nimmo has the
down-and-dirty on the “deep politics” behind the execution of ex-Crip
leader Stanley Williams. He leads us into the sinister nexus where the
international drug trade meshes with geopolitical “statecraft” — a
deadly interpenetration whose consequences, both intended and
unintended, lie behind many if not most of the major events of our
time. We’ll be tunneling deeper into this dark world in weeks to come,
but Nimmo gives us a full plate to

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Doctor Filth

Frist AIDS Charity Paid Huge Amounts to his Political and Financial Consultants (AP)

These people corrupt everything they touch; even their “good works” are
tainted with kickbacks, insider deals and political grease. There is
nothing they won’t turn to their own partisan and financial advantage
— not even the death and suffering of stricken children. And Frist —
that cat-torturing, Bush-licking goon –continues to shame the Senate
and the good people of Tennessee as his miserable term in office draws<br

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Sacred Terror: The Global Death Squad of George W. Bush

The much-belated, poll-prompted outcry of a few American elected officials against the widespread use of torture by the Bush Administration – following years of silent acquiescence in the face of incontrovertible evidence of deliberate atrocity – is a welcome development, of course. But it has left an even more sinister aspect of Bushist policy untouched, one that likewise has been hidden in plain sight for years.

altOn September 17, 2001, George W. Bush signed an executive order authorizing the

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Laying Down the Law on Torture

No sleazy Condoleezean weasel-wording from Britain’s highest judges on the subject of torture. The Law Lords’ ruling yesterday — striking down the use of any testimony garnered from torture, even if it was produced in foreign dungeons — was a hard slap at the moral cretinism of Blair and Bush. Try to imagine any figure on the U.S. Supreme Court — which has thus far allowed unconscionable tyrannies and atrocities to stand — speaking such rigor and clarity on the subject. The full text can be found here. These <a

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