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The Satanic Usages

“How best to govern the state? First rectify the language.” – Confucius

And how best to corrupt the state? First corrupt the language. Salman Rushdie takes up the cudgels against the polluters of thought in the Bush Regime – the heir and extenders of a long, dishonorable tradition. Here are some excerpts, from the Sydney Morning Herald (via Buzzflash):

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, the ugliest phrase to enter the English language last year was “extraordinary rendition”. To those of us who love words, this phrase’s brutalisation of meaning is an infallible signal

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“There is no torture here and there are no beatings”

Amnesty Releases New Gitmo Torture Testimony (via Truthout)

 Below are some excerpts, offered without comment. The plain facts speak — scream — for themselves. I will  be writing about the Gitmo hunger strike and related matters in my Moscow Times column this week; this Amnesty article came out after the column was already gone. So for now, let’s add just this one gloss: George W. Bush had better pray, with great sweatdrops of blood, that the literalist Christianity he professes is untrue — else he will face a heavy reckoning when the Day

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NSA, FISA and the DNA of Tyranny

With each passing day, it becomes more evident that the main purpose behind Bush’s illegal, warrantless domestic spying program is not collecting intelligence on terrorists and would-be terrorists – a task for which the government’s existing draconian powers of surveillance were more than sufficient. As many people have noted, Bush already possessed the legal right to order the immediate surveillance of any person in the country, subject to the sole restraint of having to seek approval from the secret FISA court within 72 hours. Given the established record of this court’s near-total acquiescence to thousands of such requests over

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Poll Vaulters

Bradblog has some
explosive revelations about the sinister nexus encompassing the Jack
Abramoff crime ring, scandal-hit Republican poo-bah Rep. Bob Ney, and
the vote-throwing hijinks in Ohio during the 2004 presidential
election. What’s more, Brad ties this den of thieves directly to the
White House. It’s a devastating piece, solidly nailed down. So scoot on
over there right now and read:
The Soon-to-Be Indicted Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio’s Connection to Electoral Fraud.

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The Highly Informative Hissy Fit of L. Paul Bremer III

We need shed no tears for Paul Bremer, the former satrap of Iraq who now claims that he was set up by the Pentagon as the “fall guy” for the Bush Regime’s bloodsoaked folly in Iraq. No one put a gun to his head and forced him to take up the colonial overseer’s baton, and if the Bushists, in their usual manner, used him up then spit him out, that’s just too damn bad. Anyone who cast their lot with this wretched enterprise deserves everything

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Cry Freedom: Mass Graves and Burnt Meat in Bush’s New Iraq

Originally published in the June 20, 2003 edition of The Moscow Times.

They were digging mass graves in Iraq last week.

No, not the mass graves that George W. Bush now reflexively invokes to justify his murder of up to 10,000 innocent Iraqi civilians and the needless deaths of more than 200 American soldiers in the aggressive war he launched on the basis of  proven lies and outright fabrications. Those mass graves, containing victims of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, were dug years ago, back when powerful American officials like Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Paul Wolfowitz were pursuing “closer ties”

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US wants to rule space – pushing Branson to honour ‘No Fly’ list for Virgin Galactic

Pax Romana, Pax Britannia and now… today’s Pax Americana.

by RichardK (webmaster)

From the Beeb

US draws up space tourism rules

Space tourists must be screened to ensure they are not terrorists, according to proposed regulations from the US Federal Aviation Administration.

If there’s anything the terrorists want to blow up, it’s stuff in space… I know… because the terrorists hate Freedom and you can’t get any freer than when you’re in space.

Might as well put that NSA data to work. Never mind four

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Bill Clinton to Lead Microsoft?

There are some rumors circulating that Steve Ballmer is about to step aside at Microsoft as its day to day operations head to make room for another president. Bill Clinton. Here’s what I know. Sources near Microsoft headquarters report that over the past few months the ex cigar smoking prexy has made trips to Microsoft headquarters and has been interviewing for the top slot as the company looks at ways to transform themselves for the future. Given the global implications of technology, having a leader that is an ex country president would be massive. Why now? Well Ballmer has driven

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Brain Fever: The Bush Regime’s War on American Soldiers

Losing Their Minds: Mark Benjamin tells an important story of how the Pentagon denigrates, humiliates and misdiagnoses soldiers with brain injuries sustained during their term as cannon fodder for George W. Bush’s “war of choice” – as the “muscular liberals” like to call it – in Iraq. The story illustrates once again the paradox that pervades the Bush Regime: They love war, they love military power – but they hate soldiers, the actual human beings who do their dirty work for them. They regard them as mere biological material to be used then discarded. They

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