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Annals of Liberation: The Justice League of America

Here’s how the liberated Iraqis are exercising their liberty in their very own liberated courts, dispensing liberated Iraqi justice to liberated Iraqis under the liberating eye of heavily-armed American guards. From Reuters: Iraqis Tired of US-run Show at Criminal Court.

[Excerpt]: Baghdad’s new courthouse is held up by U.S. officials as a symbol of the independent legal system three years of U.S. occupation has brought, but defense lawyers are angry at what they say is summary American justice.
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Capone-Ordered Inquiry Finds No Wrongdoing in Chicago

CHICAGO, March 22 — An inquiry ordered by Alphonse Capone into alleged "improprieties" by his employees in the greater Chicago area has found that the Capone Organization did not violate any laws in carrying out its operations in the fields of leisure activities, private business security, personal loans and government relations.

To underscore the importance and independence of the probe, Capone tapped his chief

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Late-Breaking News: USA Wins Vietnam War

Good evening and welcome to Conglomerate News Network. I’m your host, Teat Hodgkins. Tonight we open with some startling news from Southeast Asia: The United States has won the Vietnam War. Our roving reporter, Jimbo Hooper, joins us from Ho Chi Minh City. Jimbo?

Thanks, Teat. Yes, long after we all thought the final whistle had blown, plucky Team USA pulled out a last-second miracle to clinch victory in the hard-fought Vietnam War. As our viewers will recall – or maybe not, since it was such a long time ago

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Children of Abraham: Death in the Desert

*This piece has been edited since the original posting to incorporate new information. Most recent update: 27 March.*

happened in the village of Abu Sifa, in the rural Al-Isahaqi district
north of Baghdad, on the Ides of March? The murk of war – the natural
blur of unbuckled event, and its artificial augmentation by
professional massagers – shrouds the details of the actual operation.
But here is what we know.

We know that U.S. forces conducted a raid on a house in the village on March 15. We know

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Man Overboard

Of Manliness and Men. An NYT interview with Harvard neo-conservative and professional feminist-basher Harvey C. Mansfield.

Think what it must be like to have lived for 73 years and still be as big a fool as this man.

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Suicidal Tendencies

Behind the firewall at, Smokin’ Joe Conason is red-hot as he takes aim at the rank stupidity displayed in the budget priorities of the Idiot-in-Chief and his Congressional rubberstamps: For folly, billions; for survival, pennies. As a public service, your duly-subscribed and paid-up Uncle E.B. provides you with the whole piece, after the jump. Enjoy – or rather, seethe with outrage.

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Judge Dread: Violence, Silence and the Threat to Democracy

It turns out that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg presaged the recent comments by former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor about the growing threat of right-wing violence against the judiciary – and the concominant threat to American democracy. (What’s left of it.) Both women emphasize the point that this "fringe" threat is being fed and exacerbated by the bellicose and undemocratic rhetoric of

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Bone Thugs: Bush Puts America on Death Row

Hardened cynics often accuse President George W. Bush of ruthlessly exploiting the tragedy of 9/11 to advance his pre-set agenda of killing a whole heap of foreigners. This is, of course, a calumnious slander against the Dear Leader’s noble ambitions. For as he clearly demonstrated last week, Bush is also exploiting the tragedy of 9/11 to advance his pre-set agenda to kill a whole heap of Americans as well.

In yet another of those momentous degradations of public morality that go unremarked by the ever-vigilant watchdogs of the national media,

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The Anglo-American ‘Special Relationship’: Sleaze, Repression and Screwing the Poor

Just like George Bush, Tony Blair depends on the grease of corruption to operate his increasingly unpopular machinery of power. Unlike Bush, however, there are still members of Blair’s own party with enough courage and integrity to call him on the carpet for the sleaze. He’s now been hammered – by Labour’s own treasurer – for succumbing to that ancient evil of British politics: selling royal honors to fat cats in exchange for big dough. Blair plunged into secret loans crisis (The Guardian).

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