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The Line of Atrocity: From the White House to Haditha

Many observers have compared the methodical murder of 24 innocent civilians by U.S. Marines in the Iraqi town of Haditha – now confirmed by Pentagon and Congressional sources – to the infamous My Lai massacre in Vietnam, when American troops slaughtered hundreds of civilians in a bloody rampage. But this is a false equation, one that gravely distorts the overall reality of the Coalition effort in Iraq.

For it is not the small-scale Haditha atrocity that should be compared to My Lai: it is the entire Iraq

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Vexed to Nightmare: The Unholy Union Behind the War on Terror

*This story has been revised since its original posting.*

The blogosphere lit up last week with stories about how the New York Times, and the Bush Administration, had information in the summer of 2001 that specifically foretold of an impending, spectacular attack by al Qaeda "perhaps to be visited on the continental United States" – information which both august institutions declined to share with the public. The

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Border Lords: Immigration Plan is Crony Pork Bonanza

My, my, my, isn’t this a surprise! It turns out that George W. Bush’s "Secure Border Initiative" to "control illegal immigration" is actually just a great big pork trough for his cronies and benefactors in the weapons biz to cash in big-time off the suffering and poverty of dusky foreigners. Now where have we seen that before?

The NYT reports that Bush is limbering up the federal checkbook to funnel even more millions to masters of war like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and N
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Annals of Liberation: Beer-Busting and Blood-letting in Iraq

"One woe doth tread upon another’s heel, so fast they follow." — Hamlet

The "All Day Permanent Red" in Iraq roars on relentlessly, a churning spiral of death, chaos, terror and sorrow. This week brings reports of fresh horrors in the supposedly secure south, the British-held territory long cited by the apologists for aggression as a shining example of the Bush-Blair philosophy of "democracy at gunpoint." Armed gangs of religious extremists now control Basra, where the U.S.-backed Iraqi officials report that at least "one person

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Qwest Resists NSA on Phone Records

Say Thanks to Qwest! By Chris Floyd and Richard Kastelein It’s not often these days that we have occasion to laud corporate behavior, but the stance taken by the telecom Qwest in resisting the Bush Administration’s covert program to ensnare every single American citizen in a vast web of telephone surveillance deserves our thanks. Every other telecom sold out the privacy of its customers – literally so, taking money to turn over their phone records to the National Security Agency – but Qwest alone insisted on having a court order before complying with Bush’s unprecedented and “indefensible” (as Newt Gingrich

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Astroturfing the Constitution: Grassroots Grafters and Government Godfathers

Media Citizen alerts us — and many other blogs — to the fact that the ad at the right for "" is in fact a classic piece of astroturf: a fake "grass roots" campaign that is actually fronting for Big Telcoms like AT&T and BellSouth, who are trying to destroy one of the foundations of Internet freedom, "Net Neutrality" and replace it with a two-tier system that puts corporate favorites on the fast track and shunts all the rest of the <img loading="lazy" class=" alignright size-full wp-image-733" width="280" vspace="2" hspace="2"

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