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William Blum on the Mideast War

Once again, wise man William Blum delivers telling insights in his latest Anti-Empire Report. Harken ye to these excerpts:

The End Is Near, but first, this commercial.
There are times when I think that this tired old world has gone on a few years too long. What’s happening in the Middle East is so depressing…I don’t wish to get entangled in who started the current mess. I would like instead to first express what
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Airship of Fools: Innocent Travelers Deliberately Snagged in Terror Net

Marshals: Innocent People Placed On ‘Watch List’ To Meet Quota
Want to know why the government shouldn’t have overweening, unrestrained, unchallengeable “unitary executive power” to act as it pleases, even in the name of “national security?” Here’s why – because such powers are always, always, always going to be abused, in ways large and small. This is an absolute, unalterable given of human nature, like the requirement for oxygen or the need for food: unchecked power will be abused, and innocent people will suffer. Only a

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Passion Play

As’ad AbuKhalil (the “Angry Arab”) shreds the lazy trope by which Western analysts “explain” the war in the Middle East: the “Shi’ite passion for martyrdom.” Here, he takes The Nation to task:

Adam Shatz figured it out. It is all about Shi`ite “passion for martyrdom.” So that is what it is all about. A passion for martyrdom. I was raised by a Shi`te father (and a Sunni mother): he never inculcated “a passion for martyrdom” in his children. If anything, nobody loved life
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Machine Politics: Hijinks in Georgia?

The ever-stalwart Winter Patriot (no fair-weather friend to liberty, he) has the lowdown on disturbing reports out of Georgia on yet more of those unaccountably strange voting-machine glitches that always seem to afflict candidates on the outs with the powers-that-be. WP is guest-blogging at, where you will find more on this and other katzenjammer being played with the consent of the governed:

REPORTS: GA Dem Primary Votes Flipping from Cynthia McKinney to Opponent Hank

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Craven Image: The Senate Bows to Imperial Power

*This is an expanded version of the column appearing in the July 21 edition of The Moscow Times.*

Well, that didn’t take long. Two weeks ago we wrote here that
the “lockstep, lickspittle”  U.S. Congress would scurry to give
their approval to the dictatorial powers asserted by President George
W. Bush after the Supreme Court struck down those claims in the Hamdan case earlier this month. And lo and behold, last week Republican Senator Arlen Specter introduced a bill
that would

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A Note of Caution from the Angry Arab

“Angry Arab” As’ad AbuKhalil (who fully lives up to his nom de plume) sounds “A Note of Caution” on the new Middle East war:

It is very important that we don’t turn this conflict into an Arab-Jewish conflict, which it is not, and it has never been, and it should never be. I say this not only due to my stiff opposition to anti-Semitism since I got active in the Palestinian cause in my teens, but also because this is partly an Arab-Arab conflict. I mean,
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And Now a Word From the Reality-Based Community

Experts challenge White House line on Iran’s influence (FT)

This is from the Financial Times in the UK, via As we’ve noted here before, the Financial Times’ primary readership is the business elite in the UK and Europe; these are people who need to know what’s really going on in the world. They have no use for the vaporous, willfully ignorant waffle habitually emitted by most of the mainstream US media. (That’s also why the Wall Street Journal’s news pages – as opposed to the

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From The Lebanese People To The So Called “Civilized” West

From The Lebanese People To The So Called “Civilized” West"Thank You" The Nazi bombing of London in 1941 – The Israeli bombing of Lebanon in 2006 “Thank You” UN, USA, Europe, France and the “Arab World”! Civilization V/S Terrorism! Monday, July 17, 2006:Kiryat shmona. Israeli girls write messages on a shell at a heavy artillery position firing into civilians inside Lebanon. Monday, July 17, 2006:South Lebanon: A Lebanese Child Receiving the message from the Israeli girls! 9/11 in Beirut! West Supporting the Israeli Measured Response! Hey Israel, You Missed One! To the free people of the world: Lebanese Civilians are

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An Imperial Edict on the Late Disturbances in Phoenicia

Citizens, Attend! A Communication from the Divine Emperor Georgius Secundus Guber, Conqueror of Babylon, Scourge of Bactria, Groper of Germania, Teat of Succor to the Wealthy and Defender of the Faith-Based:

We have in our imperial wisdom have decided that our most steadfast and faithful satrap, Ehud Agrippa, lord lieutenant of the province of Judea, shall be allowed to continue his destruction of the Arab rabble in Tyre, in Sidon, in Beirut – yea, in all of the Lebanon shall there be no place safe from his sword. We have

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