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Karl Rove’s Blood Libel

From CNN/AP: Rove Blasts Warrantless Wiretapping Decision.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Presidential adviser Karl Rove criticized a federal judge’s order for an immediate end to the government’s warrantless surveillance program, saying Wednesday such a program might have prevented the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Rove said the government should be free to listen if al Qaeda is calling someone within the U.S. "Imagine if we could have done that before 9/11. It might have been a different outcome," he said.

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In the Shadowlands of the Terror War

Bob Herbert, man on fire, one of the fiercest voices of dissent in the mainstream media, gives us the lowdown on the “voodoo law enforcement” that the Bush Regime’s carefully calculated fearmongering has set loose upon the land: The Truth Puts You in Jail. (via The Progressive American.)

Herbert tells the story of the coerced confession of a “terror suspect” who only escaped the permanent oblivion of Bush’s Terror War gulag by a fortuitous twist of fate that blew his captor’s false case out

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Ring Them Bells:Closing in on the Crawford Crimelord

For years — years — we have bashed and banged and clanged the bell on this theme over and over here at Empire Burlesque, and in the Moscow Times, and CounterPunch and anywhere else they’d let us come in with the hammer: George W. Bush and his minions are committing crimes — actual crimes, clear-cut violations of American and international law, genuine offenses in the most literal sense, not just metaphorical transgressions against some moral law or political ideal. They are criminals

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Fade to Black: Another Terror Plot Unravels

From the Daily Mail: Rashid Rauf, whose detention in Pakistan was the trigger for the arrest of 23 suspects in Britain, has been accused of taking orders from Al Qaeda’s ‘No3’ in Afghanistan and sending money back to the UK to allow the alleged bombers to buy plane tickets. But after two weeks of interrogation, an inch-by-inch search of his house and analysis of his home computer, officials are now saying that his extradition is ‘a way down the track’ if it
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Letter From Airstrip One: Fear Over Facts

My first piece for is out today. You can find it here: Letter From Airstrip One: Fear Over Facts.

The whole piece is at TO — get on over there and show them some love — but here’s an excerpt:

But perhaps the most surreal and jarring juxtaposition of all was the assertion by the British Establishment that the UK’s central role in the Iraq War — and Blair’s lockstep behind Bush’s "crap" policy of giving
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Hero of the Hour: Judge Anna Diggs Taylor

Federal Judge Orders End to Warrantless Wiretapping (NYT)

Excerpt: A federal judge in Detroit ruled today that the Bush administration’s eavesdropping program is illegal and unconstitutional, and she ordered that it cease at once.

District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor found that President Bush exceeded his proper authority and that the eavesdropping without warrants violated the First and Fourth Amendment protections of free speech and privacy.

“It was never the intent of the

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Asses Bearing Gold: Of Neo-Cons and Nabobs

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it: it’s time to take up the cudgels for the poor neo-cons.

Day after day, these dedicated public intellectuals and hardworking federal officials are calumnied from coast to coast, accused of every crime under the sun. Who misled us into the bloodsoaked mire of Iraq? Who’s pulling strings to foment a new war with Iran? Who’s fanning the flames of Israel’s assault on Lebanon, hoping to turn the entire Middle East into an arc of "creative destruction" that will transform the

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Case Dismissed: Bush v. Gore Goes Into Room 101

Here’s an excellent analysis on how to transform Bush v. Gore from the most shameful Supreme Court decision since the Dred Scott case into a powerful weapon for a broader, deeper, more healthy democracy. The argument, by Adam Cohen, is calm, cogent, considered and full of eminent good sense that any reasonable person could agree with wholeheartedly. So, any chance of it being adopted by the American Establishment?

From the New York

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