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Treason of the Tormentor: George W. Bush Set to Legalize Torture

We told you: the Bush Gang is going to grow more brazen as their popularity sinks and they face the prospect of losing control of part of the conventional government in November. (The “secret government” – that subterranean realm of grease, baksheesh, black ops and skullduggery where most of the state’s power actually lies, remains safely in Bush Faction hands, and will do so regardless of the outcome of this year’s elections.) As we noted yesterday, the Bushists are now embarked on an open campaign to subvert – and

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When Doves Cry

This nice lady is not kin to me — as far as I know — but I thought this was just about the most perfect advertisement imaginable for a Republican fundraiser: a dove shoot. Says it all, doesn’t it? “Take that, you damn symbol of peace! Yee-haw! Look at them guts and feathers fly!”

Many thanks to Bruce Hollihan for digging this up, and for pointing out the date of this mass, monied slaughter for partisan gain: September 11.

(You may insert the obligatory Dick Cheney reference here.)

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The Moral Insanity of State Terror Sadists

Bush’s ballyhooed speech, full of swaggering braggadocio about his now-acknowledged secret prisons and the tortures his minions practice there (which Bush, using the usual prissy euphemisms favored by state-terror sadists, calls “an alternative set of procedures), made much hay of the information squeezed out of al-Qaeda factotum Abu Zubaydah. But as Ron Suskind noted in his piercing book, The One Percent Solution — and <a target="_blank" href=""

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ABC’s Agit-Prop: Another Serving From Bush’s Poison Kitchen

Kos comes up with this nice catch:

Top Bush counterterrorism official bashes ABC’s 9/11 mockumentary

Roger Cressey, former Chief of Staff to the President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board at the White House from November 2001 to September 2002, told Scarborough:

SCARBOROUGH: Roger, let me begin with you. There are points of this docudrama that are more drama than fact. But talk about Bill Clinton and the central premise by ABC that he should have
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Aid and Comfort: The New Bush-bin Laden Alliance

Bin Laden Gets a Pass from Pakistan (ABC)
Pakistan signs pact with pro-Taliban militants (New Zealand Herald)

Is anyone really surprised at this? Bush has never had the slightest intention of catching Osama bin Laden. He needs bin Laden like he needs air or water. Without bin Laden, he is nothing. Without bin Laden, he wouldn’t be a “War President” wielding dictatorial powers over a cowed, confused nation. Without bin Laden — whom Bush has

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Red Tide Rising: Ignorance and Agony in the Terror War

Another fatal day in the ‘war on terror’ (The Independent)

The truth keeps tumbling out, and everybody in the world knows it – except the leaders of the West, and great swathes of the American people, who are kept ignorant of what’s being done in their name, and the real effects of the so-called "War on Terror." Nothing is allowed to break the ironclad self-righteousness and belligerent sanctimony that imprisons America’s public discourse – and the private worldview of a great many individual citizens as

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NYT to Freedom of the Press: “Drop Dead!”

Readers in the UK perusing the New York Times yesterday ran across an intriguing headline about new facts coming out in the “bomb terror plot” that recently shook the island kingdom: “Details Emerge in British Terror Case.” Hmm, what does America’s “paper of record” have to say about this vital subject? Let’s click the headline and see…er, let’s click again and…Where’s the story? What’s this message?

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