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Immaculate Conception: A Squirt in the White House

George W. Bush’s innumerable sycopants like to potray him as a down-to-earth man of the people: a man’s man, tough and fearless, a good-ole-boy Texas rancher more at home in the scrub brush and desert dirt than in the clean, carpeted corridors of power in Washington.

What then to make of the jarring cognitive dissonance that arises from the portrait of Bush evoked by a passing anecdote briefly noted in the Washington Examiner: the president

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The Fourth Epiphany of the Exterminating Angel

Just wanted to note that the latest issue of Exterminating Angel, the new on-line journal edited by the American writer Tod Davies (and fine-tooled by our own webmaster, Richard Kastelein), is out and up and running. Among its many features is a new screen adaptation of Thomas Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy. Along with the screenplay (by Tod), there are film clips of actors’ readings from the play, featuring Derek Jacob, Heathcote Williams and noted film director Alex Cox.

There’s a lot more in the new EA,

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Bronze Age Blues

In a world less given to wiggly brain waves amongst the homo sapiens element, the current brouhaha over Herr Ratzinger’s sampling of a stone-cold anti-Islam riff from a long, long, dead, dead man would of course occasion less comment and reaction than the latest permutations of the Paris Hilton DUI case. (Itself deserving of less-than-zero attention). For what the Pope’s boneheaded recitation, and the heated reaction to it by Muslims (actually an infinitesimal percentage of the world’s vast Muslim population), really boils down to is this:German guy: “My rather absurd cult based on a highly selective, historically conditioned and ruthlessly

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“History’s Actors” Prepare for a Sequel

Been down this road before, know exactly where it’s goin’…

IAEA protests "erroneous" U.S. report on Iran (Reuters)

U.N. inspectors have protested to the U.S. government and a Congressional committee about a report on Iran’s nuclear work, calling parts of it "outrageous and dishonest," according to a letter obtained by Reuters.

The letter recalled clashes between the IAEA and the Bush administration before the 2003 Iraq war over findings cited
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Waking Nightmare: Bush and God, Together Again

Bush Tells Group He Sees a ‘Third Awakening.’  From the Washington Post:

President Bush said yesterday that he senses a “Third Awakening” of religious devotion in the United States that has coincided with the nation’s struggle with international terrorists, a war that he depicted as “a confrontation between good and evil.” Bush told a group of conservative journalists that….”A lot of people in America see this as a confrontation between good and evil, including me,” Bush said. “There was a stark change between the culture
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Fatal Vision: The Strategy of Chaos and Ethnic Cleansing

This is an expanded version of the article that appeared Sept. 11 on

1. The Possessed and Their Plans
Dostoevsky p
aints the scene: a pathetic group of would-be world-shakers gather in a bleak provincial town for a clandestine political meeting – third-rate intellects all, but useful fodder for the

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The Experts Say: It’s a Police State

Critics of the policies of George W. Bush are often greeted with this response: “Who are you to denounce the president? Don’t you think he’s privy to more information than you are? Don’t you think he has all kinds of experts giving him the full picture, which you will never know?”

OK, fair enough. Let’s see what the experts — those privy to

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Annals of Liberation: The Noble Fruits of 9/11

Let us pause on this day of solemn remembrance and take stock of what our noble Leader has done in the world with the vast storehouse of “political capital” he received from the “new Pearl Harbor” that his noble captains Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby (and brother Jeb) once openly called for – in September 2000 – in a document published by their noble organization of selfless zealots for global altruism, The Project for a New American Century. Now, on this solemn occasion, as the noble Leader

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Message to the Barbarians

From the Washington Post: Bush’s Detainee Plan Assailed.

Quote of the day, perhaps of the year:

“I am not aware of any situation in the world where there is a system of jurisprudence that is recognized by civilized people where an individual can be tried and convicted without seeing the evidence against him,” said Brigadier Gen. James C. Walker, staff judge advocate to the Marine Corps commandant.


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