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Blood and Gravy II: The Jackal’s Feast Goes On

The picture below (from the New York Times) speaks most eloquently on the essence of the Bush Regime’s brutal, grubby Babylonian Conquest: fat mercenaries guarding the construction of yet another prison.

The picture comes from a story on the “overhead costs” of reconstruction projects, based on a report by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, who found astonishing amounts of waste and cost overruns by the crony contractors who came to feast on the carcass that Bush killed for them.

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Atlantic Free Press: The Genocidal Fury of George W. Bush

Mike Whitney speaks the straight, harsh truth over at Atlantic Free Press: One Crime Too Many. Among many other poniards, the insight excerpted here strikes deep:

Colin Powell stated that “genocide” was taking place in Darfur when the figures showed that approximately 200,000 Sudanese had been killed. Applying Powell’s standard to Iraq, which has half the population of Sudan, The Lancet statistics [which estimate 650,000 deaths caused by the invasion and occupation] prove that the United States is perpetrating genocide in Iraq.

For more on roaring hell that Bush has made in Iraq, see Manuel Valenzuela’s eloquent

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Brutality and Reality: The American-Israeli Arrangement

Israel admits it used phosphorus weapons (Guardian)

Israel Adds Far-Right Party to Coalition (NY Times)

The good news just keeps rolling in from Israel, where the “light unto the nations” plows on in its relentless self-exile into outer darkness. That epithet of “light” once had the tang of truth, in the great line of thinkers, artists, activists, theologians, healers, humorists, and diviners of the natural world, largely in the Diaspora, from Maimonides to Mendelssohn, from Judah

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Remember the Eisenhower!

On October 21, a U.S. naval battle group led by the USS Eisenhower will arrive in the Gulf of Hormuz, just off the coast of Iran. There is every good likelihood that such a deliberately provocative act will lead to what will be termed as an Iranian attack on an American vessel. This Tonkin-like incident will be used

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Why Bush Smiles: Victory is at Hand in Iraq


Despite George W. Bush’s ostentatious bucking up of the Iraqi government yesterday, it is very likely that there will indeed be an American-engineered coup ousting Maliki and installing some sort of strongman-led  “national unity government” in Baghdad soon, probably before the end of the year.

(Indeed, the very showiness of Bush’s pledge of support – in a phone call supposedly initiated by Bush, then announced to the media – is a good indication of the decapitation to come. As JFK once told Gore<img

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Coming to America: The Disappeared

Kissinger and The Mothers of the Disappeared in Argentina: America on the Brink of Horror.

This blistering Buzzflash editorial deserves to be spread far and wide. The reappearance of Henry Kissinger as a top adviser in the White House dredges up horrors that have long been buried by time – but wh
ich are still fresh in the scarred hearts of millions of people. It reminds us of the complicity and cooperation of the American political

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Red October: Killing the Truth in Moscow

This piece is also appearing on

Early October can be dismal in Moscow. The short, harsh summer is over, the brief and beautiful refreshment of September has passed, yet the snow – in which the city has its deepest life – has not yet come. Instead there is often miasma: gray days pocked with rain or fog, vague and ragged days, neither autumn nor winter but suspended in a limbo state.

They say last Saturday was just such

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