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Bad News Buriers: Sweeping Bodies Under the White House Carpet

(Updated below.)

There is a recently-coined proverb in Britain that is imminently adaptable to the Bush Faction mode of government. It springs from an email sent by a “spin doctor” in the Ministry of Transport to her boss regarding some bit of impolitic information their ministry was obliged to release at some point to the pain-in-the-neck public who are always sticking their noses into the government’s business, as if

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Annals of the Damned Human Race: Liberating Afghans, Body and Soul

Let us turn once again to the other war, the “good war” in Afghanistan, where five years ago George W. Bush famously liberated the suffering Afghan people from the clutches of the militant Islamic extremists of the Taliban into the hands of the militant Islamic extremists of the Northern Alliance (and their U.S.-picked frontman, Hamid “Why, Yes, I Did Once Work for Oil Barons, Why Do You Ask?” Karzai). <br

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The Iraqi Flim-Flam: Bush-Blair Lies Confirmed Again

Was this obscene war based on lies? Yes.

Diplomat’s suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war (The Independent, via rebellenation):
Excerpts: The Government’s case for going to war in Iraq has been torn apart by the publication of previously suppressed evidence that Tony Blair lied over Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. A devastating attack on Mr Blair’s justification for military action by Carne Ross, Britain’s key negotiator at the
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Tears of Rage, Tears of Grief: Mass Death Returns to Ishaqi

This is my latest piece for

I. Rashomon in Iraq
Mass death came again to the Iraqi town of Ishaqi last Friday. Nine months after an American raid that killed 11 civilians, including five children under the age of five, another ground and air assault on suspected insurgents in the area left behind a pile of corpses, including at least two children. As with the earlier incident, Friday’s attack has produced conflicting stories of what really

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Down By Law: Murk and Spark in New MCA Ruling

Glenn Greenwald teases out the troubling implications and the faint glimmers of light in the federal court ruling yesterday that upheld at least part of the draconian “Military Commissions Act.” The decision is, as Greenwald puts it, “a Judicial Victory for the Leader.” However, if the ruling stands as is in the higher courts, it will apparently dispel at least some of the (deliberate?) ambiguities in the MCA, whose sloppy wording left open the question of

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America’s Shame: Brought Low By a Gang of Cretins

Only Six Fluent in Arabic at U.S. Embassy in Iraq (Reuters)
Among the 1,000 people who work in the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, only 33 are Arabic speakers and only six speak the language fluently, according to the Iraq Study Group report released on Wednesday.

This tells you pretty much all you need to know about the American debacle in Iraq. Imagine the arrogance and stupidity of conquering, occupying and trying

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Annals of Liberation: Bitter Tears at the Top of the “Good War”

Karzai: NATO Bombs, Terrorists Kill Kids (AP)
So how’s it going in the “good war” over in Afghanistan, that”rousing success” of Bushian liberation in the “War on Terror”? Here’s the latest report from the very top, His Excellency President Hamid Karzai:

With his lips quivering and voice breaking, a tearful President Hamid Karzai on Sunday lamented that Afghan children are being killed by NATO and U.S. bombs and by terrorists from P<img loading="lazy"
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Meese of Arabia and the Baker Group’s Grab for Black Gold

(Major update below.)

The reaction from actual Iraqis on the just-released report by the “Iraq Study Group”? They don’t like it; it won’t work; it’s largely a tissue of fantasies and shows no grasp of the true situation in Iraq; it has nothing to do with solving Iraq’s problems but everything to do with the American Establishment’s desperate attempt to save face, no matter how many people must be slaughtered in the process.

But why should we listen

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