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Body Blow: Bush’s Worldwide War on Women

Note: Below is an article from 2003 that is, sadly, as relevant today as ever. I ran across it while doing some research on an upcoming article on the politics of healthcare, and a new development that has the potential to help transform the geopolitical landscape in a positive way (in contrast to the Bushist way of geopolitical transformation: mass killing and “creative destruction”). But more of that later. Here is a look back at the early days of

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Down But Not Out: Empire Burlesque Returns

We were out of circulation for about a day due to a major technical upgrade that should make Empire Burlesque smoother, faster and more secure. (The website, that is, not necessarily the author.) But here’s a quick round-up of items that we might have covered more in-depth today if not for the upgrade.

Rug, Meet Broom
Josh Marshall has another entry in his series of Bush “disappearing acts” of public information. This time, Bush Admin Makes White House Visitor Records Disappear.

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CYA for the USA: The Coverup of Complicity Continues

Rush to Hang Hussein Was Questioned (New York Times)
(Updated below. See Update II and III as well.)

This is a very curious story. Some of it is probably true, some of it is patently false – and all of it is a massive, panicky CYA job by American officials. However, through the heavy fog of this assemblage of spin, it seems fairly obvious what has really happened: the same group of dim-witted fools, ideological cranks and violent sectarians who have driven the whole misbegotten enterprise

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The Enduring Legacy of Gerald R. Ford

I believe that the picture below tells us all we need to know about the lasting impact the presidency of Gerald R. Ford has had on the United States of America, the nation he so proudly led for a couple of years after pardoning the man who was at that time the biggest criminal ever to occupy the Oval Office:

Yes, it was Gerald R. Ford who took those famously amoral and criminally incompetent backroom operators, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, out of the

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Escalation and Expansion: Bush’s “Great Leap Forward” Into Hell

The outlines of Bush’s “New Way Forward” or “Great Leap Forward” or “Long Walk Off a Short Pier” in Iraq is now fairly clear. It has three general thrusts: a large increase in troop numbers; a direct assault on the forces of Motqada al-Sadr; and, if possible, an expansion of the war beyond Iraq’s borders through a military strike on Iran.

The troop increase is now certain (if indeed it had ever been in doubt). In the past

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House Un-American Activities: Founding Fathers Refute Bigoted Congressman

Juan Cole — or rather, the Founding Fathers of the United States — take down the bigoted belchings of U.S. Representative Virgil “Uber-Goober” Goode, in this essential piece. Excerpts:

Republican Representative Virgil Goode of Virginia wrote his constituents: “The Muslim representative from Minnesota was elected by the voters of that district and if American citizens don’t wake up and adopt the Virgil Goode position on immigration there will likely
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Last Bad Deal Gone Down: War Profits Trump the Rule of Law

I. The Wings of the Dove
Slush funds, oil sheikhs, prostitutes, Swiss banks, kickbacks, blackmail, bagmen, arms deals, war plans, climbdowns, big lies and Dick Cheney – it’s a scandal that has it all, corruption and cowardice at the
highest levels, a festering canker at the very heart of world politics, where the War on Terror meets the slaughter in Iraq. Yet chances are you’ve never heard about it – even though it

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A Chronicle of Escalation Foretold: The Red Crescent Assault

This is my latest article for Links to follow later.

Less than a mile from where British Prime Minister Tony Blair was gripping and grinning during a surprise visit to Baghdad on Sunday, agents of the extremist factions that he and George W. Bush have empowered, paid and heavily armed were raiding the offices of the Iraqi Red Crescent Agency and rounding up some of the few remaining relief workers in the country who attend to the suffering of all sides.

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