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Dog Bites Man Dept.: Fat Cats and War Profiteers to Feast on Bush Budget

Well, here’s some really unexpected news: the main beneficiaries of George W. Bush’s new budget will be the crony conquistadors pumping blood money from Iraq and the “War on Terror,” along with the major investment houses. The losers? Oh, you guessed already: the poor, the old, and the sick.

A nation ruled by vicious cranks, a government placed at the service of the super-rich, an opposition riddled with corruption and cowardice, and endless

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Sick Joke: Joe Lieberman in the Dark

Glenn Greenwald scores again with this warts-and-nothing-else portrait of Joe Lieberman, “Profile of a Neoconservative Warrior.” Greenwald plucks scarily revealing bits from a New Yorker article about Sofagunner Joe, particularly his shaky-knees fear of prodigiously breeding Muslims, (which echoes, precisely, the kind of sinister twaddle you would have heard from many Germans and Poles about the “Eastern Jews” threatening to overwhelm “civilization”), and his reliance for solid facts and figures on this threat from…Mark Steyn, the dribble-flecked peddler of he-man war porn. <br style="font-family:

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“Folk Devils”: The Spectre of the Evil Other Rises Again

This is an important article, making a very important point, that appeared in the Guardian today. As Maleiha Malik, a Muslim feminist, shows, the on-going demonization of Muslims – even under the cloak of targeted criticism of “extremists” and praise for “good” Muslims – is following a well-marked path that history shows can lead to horrible consequences. It’s worth reading in full, and excerpting at length.

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The Prisoner’s Dilemma: Death Row Bush Gambles All on Iran

Josh Marshall makes sense about the coming war with Iran:

I’ve said this before. But perhaps it seems like hyperbole. So I’ll say it again. The president’s interests are now radically disjoined from the country’s. We can handle a setback like Iraq. It really is a big disaster. But America will certainly surive it. President Bush — in the sense of his legacy and historical record — won’t. It’s all Iraq for him. And Iraq is all disaster. So, from his perspective (that is
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Heavy Weather: Chalmers Johnson Charts the Winds of Blowback

Wise man Chalmers Johnson writes; go read. Why Nemesis is at Our Door (TomDispatch). Here’s one quick excerpt, but do read the whole thing:

I had set out to explain how exactly our government came to be so hated around the world. As a CIA term of tradecraft, “blowback” does not just mean retaliation for things our government has done to, and in, foreign countries. It refers specifically to retaliation for illegal operations carried out abroad that were kept totally secret from the American public. These
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Shooting Party: Big Bangs in Little Bushworld

(Updated below.)
Here’s how it works in Jeb Bush’s Florida: If you’re a convicted felon who has served your time and
paid your debt to society, you can’t vote. (You also can’t vote if you have a name that is remotely similar to a convicted felon’s, or are the wrong color and thereby assumed to be a convicted felon, but that’s another story.)


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Perverts on Parade: Exposing the Bush League’s Abuses of History

Glenn Greenwald — one of the finest political writers in the country — is raising his already daunting game to new heights these days. His latest, “Our Little Churchills,” scorches the carping little cowards and bootlickers of the war fringe with the white heat of historical truth. No point in excerpting the piece; go read it in its entirety, and see what those misused icons of rightwing machismo, Churchill and Lincoln, really had to say about the exercise of democracy — including vigorous opposition and open criticism of leaders — during wartime.<br

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