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Supporting the Troops: “Shut Up and Suffer”

Because some soldiers were ballsy enough to tell the press about the callous way the Bush gang treats the cannon fodder it sends off to die, kill, maim and be maimed in a useless, pointless, illegal, corrupt, immoral, murderous, mismanaged war, now all the soldiers in Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Medical Hold Unit are being subjected to a punishment regimen – and banished to an area where they will be inaccessible to the press. So reports that well-known bastion of defeatist pink-lib Islamo-wimpism, <a target="_blank"

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The Anguish of the Overlords: Bush Brother Stands Up for Saudi Royals

When he’s not globetrotting with rightwing bagman and arms-dealing cult godling Sun Myung Moon, or being served with free prostitutes while bagging Red Army cash and insider fixings in China, little presidential brother Neil Bush can often be found in the balmy climes of Saudi Arabia, soaking up the largess of Bush Family business partners like the royal Sauds and the wealthy bin Ladens — and peddling his latest business wheeze, a boondoggle aimed at

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Brothers in Arms Again: Bush Faction Arming Al Qaeda to Thwart Iran

Here’s the upshot of Sy Hersh’s latest piece in the New Yorker: George W. Bush is working with, paying, arming and training — directly and by proxy — violent terrorist groups in league with Osama bin Laden.

Just as the Bush Faction has replicated every mistake, misdeed and miscalculation of the Vietnam quagmire in Iraq, so too the “grand strategy” of the “War on Terror ” replicates the worst strategic mistake of the last

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Air America: Compounding the War Crime in Iraq

Some shorter posts today as we try to recover from yesterday’s massive hack. Juan Cole alerts us to yet another war crime spawned by the meta-war crime that is the Bush-Blair rape-and-ruin war of aggression against Iraq: Bombing occupied cities from the air.

From Juan Cole:
Late Saturday, the US Air Force launched a series of bombing raids on southeast Baghdad. This is absolutely shameful, that the US is bombing from the air a civilian city that it militarily occupies. You can’t possibly do that without

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From Hell: A Vision of Coulter Across the Water

Charlie Brooker, the Guardian’s savage television critic, took a gander at the faux-funny Fox Faux-News
show, “The Half Hour News Hour,” which is now being inflicted on the
Brits as well. In the piece, Brooker gives us perhaps the best
description of Ann Coulter ever, worth passing on to posterity:

“The set piece was a shockingly
dismal skit starring right-wing radio hog Rush Limbaugh and joyless
crypto-fascists commentator Ann Coulter, who wandered on screen looking
so haunted and drawn I briefly mistook her

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The Goat Song of Tony Blair: Presaging the End of the Iraq Misadventure

Thus bad begins, and worse remains behind.” — Shakespeare, Hamlet.

In light of the British retreat from Iraq — whose true significance is well-covered by Juan Cole and Patrick Cockburn — I thought it might be a good time to revisit a piece from August 2006: “Goats and Hussars: A British Harbinger of American Defeat.” The story, which originally appeared on, told of the precipitate abandonment of the British base

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Bearing False Witness: A New Tool for Authoritarians

Florida Bill Would Make It Legal To Falsify Court Records (Winter Patriot)

Our friend and colleague Winter Patriot unearths a disturbing new innovation in law enforcement now being pushed down in JebWorld: giving public officials the authority to create phony documents
and plant them in public record. This includes court documents and other official papers, all created out of whole cloth in “covert ops” kept secret from other agencies and

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Exquisite Corpus: Judges Junk Great Writ for Bush’s Gulag

Guantanamo Detainees Lose Appeal (Washington Post)
Excerpt: A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that hundreds of detainees in U.S. custody at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, do not have the right to challenge their imprisonment in federal courts, a victory for the Bush administration that could lead to the Supreme Court again addressing the issue.

In its 2 to 1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld one of the central components of the Military Commissions Act, the law enacted last year by a then-Republican-controlled

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Annals of Liberation: Riverbend on the Rape of Sabrine al-Janabi

One of the truly courageous voices of the Iraqi war, Riverbend, the "girl blogger" from Baghdad, is back after weeks of silence with this report on the rape charges against the "security" forces of the American-trained, Bush-backed Iraqi government. The case of Sabrine al-Janabi could have horrific consequences in accelerating the destruction of Iraqi society (not to mention the Iraqi government) — which is no doubt one reason why Bush’s man in Baghdad, Nouri al-Maliki, leader of a violent sectarian faction with a history of

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