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Hubris and Obscenity:Imperial Ambitions on Naked Display

Rarely has the imperial hubris that lies at the basis of U.S. foreign policy – the unspoken, unquestioned assumption of America’s right to global domination by force – been so nakedly revealed than in the recent Washington Post story decrying the degraded state of the Pentagon’s military preparedness. (“Military is Ill-Prepared for Other Conflicts.“) What makes the story so remarkable, and so valuable as a diagnostic tool for the health of the Republic (which could perhaps be most accurately described

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Nick Kristof: Pimping the Meme

As’ad AbuKhalil has a brief word to say about Nicholas Kristof’s latest column, in which the earnest NYT columnist boldly announces that it is permissible to criticize the government of Israel without automatically being termed a genocidal Nazi pigdog — while making sure to pimp the meme of his fellow Timesman, Thomas “The Flat” Friedman, and lambast Arabs for ignoring the depredations of Arab leaders. This is a constant theme of the

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A Nabob Replies

I’m afraid I don’t quite understand the criticism voiced in this recent article by Layla Anwar on Uruknet: Enough is Enough. Aside from the very valid point that only Iraqis have the best understanding of what is happening in their country, I find most of her scattershot attack “too cunning to be understood,” as the saying goes.

In the piece, she lays into “Papa Chomsky, Hajji Mullah Chossudovsky, the Nabob Chris Floyd, the John le Carre Kurt Nimmo, Lawrence of Arabia P.Cockburn, the Romantic Orientalist Troubadour Robert Fisk, the

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Doomsday Book: Bush Literary Lunch Foretells Horrors Ahead

Stop what you’re doing and go read – right now – Glenn Greenwald’s account of the recent “literary luncheon” that George Bush held with a gaggle of extremist neocon “scholars” in the White House. Read of the poison flattery they lovingly smeared all over Bush’s ego, of the brutal and ignorant prejudices they confirmed him in, of the unbridled military aggression they advocated. Read how they fed Bush’s megalomaniac belief in his “divine

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Silent Witness: America Ignores a New Bush Crime in the Making

Tom Engelhardt writes of the strange and disturbing non-reaction to Seymour Hersh’s recent story about the Bush Regime’s “Redirection” campaign – which involves funneling money to Sunni jihadist groups allied with al Qaeda, running covert ops inside Iran (including terrorist strikes), and shifting “black pools of money” from various dubious sources (most likely including some of the missing billions looted from Iraqi “reconstruction”), and laying the groundwork for a massive act of aggression against Iran – with Congress (and

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Dems Get Tough: No More Nuts From the Mullahs

Stopping the coming war with Iran is the imperative of our day. In addition to all the other horrors such a new war would bring, it would also prolong and intensify the nightmarish war crime in Iraq. Anyone concerned with the long-term interests of the United States — its security, its prosperity, its constitutional liberties — should be standing up right now in fierce and implacable resistance to the launching of another act of aggression.

So naturally, the national Democrats — who were returned to power

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