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In the Ghetto: Bush Begins Forced Ethnic Partition of Baghdad

Taking a cue from Cold War Soviet policy in Berlin – not to mention the enlightened approach of the Israeli government in the West Bank – the Bush Regime has begun walling off a Sunni enclave in Baghdad, driving a stake into the heart of the flickering reconciliation efforts among the Iraqi grassroots and solidifying the nation’s deadly sectarian divisions  — thus abetting the aims of the violent extremists operating both within and outside the Bush-backed Iraqi government.

The Sunnis of

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Founding Fathers: The Future History of Imperial Power

In the self-plugging department, I should note that one of my Moscow Times columns from last year has been nominated for a science fiction prize, of all things: the “Sidewise Award for Alternate History,” which will be awarded at the North American Science Fiction Conference in St. Louis later this year. I don’t know who submitted the piece for consideration, but whoever you are, many thanks. A couple of passages use the language of some of our present-day imperial apologists, with suitable changes for the far-future setting. The story is below. It was <span

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The Other PNAC: Helen Thomas on the Primitive New American Century

The ever-excellent Winter Patriot catches Helen Thomas in full truth-telling flow during a speech at McDaniel College last week: ‘So Many Wrongs To Right.’ He’s got video too, if you want to see a living example of someone speaking truth to power — and to the millions who have been cowed and conned by power. Below are some brief excerpts; check out WP for much more.

…For alleged security, we seem willing to forego our privacy and our great sense<font
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Loup de Loup: The Deeper Darkness Behind the Wolfowitz Scandal

Sidney Blumenthal hands the Howlin’ Wolf of the World Bank his lupine head in this Salon piece, Wolfowitz’s Girlfriend Problem, which, despite the title, does an excellent job of reiterating the many ways that Wolfowitz’s “problems” — including the lasting damage he has helped inflict upon the American republic and the Iraqi people — go far beyond the greasy deals he procured for his neocon

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Red Hot Red State Son Rises on a New Horizon

Dennis Perrin, the Red State Son, is at new digs following technical difficulties (Google ate his Blogger site, basically), but he’s as red-hot as ever, offering a bitterly funny take on the Harper’s Index here, and this perspective on the VT killings:

The VaTech massacre will throw another layer of delusion over the American scene as politicos and media commentators attempt to reassure the public about how decent we all remain, despite the “insaneism” of a few twisted types. And
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Mass Killing: Tragedy in America, Normality in Iraq

Juan Cole puts the Virginia Tech tragedy in a broader perspective, encompassing the killing fields that America’s bipartisan leadership have created — and continue to countenance — in the “oil heartlands” of the Middle East: Iraq Has Two Virginia Techs Every Day.

Excerpts: I keep hearing from US politicians and the US mass media that the “situation is improving” in Iraq. The profound sorrow and alarm produced in the American public by the horrific shootings at Virginia
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Doing the American Jump: Dylan in London

LONDON – Bob Dylan tore through his set here last night (April 15) with a fire and spirit that matched anything from his iconic heyday – and gave the lie, once again, to the tired charge that he has abandoned songs of dissent against the evils of our time.

From the very first note, Dylan was in marvelous voice – full, strong, supple, projecting with more power than I’d heard from him on stage since the first time I saw him in concert almost

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UK Government Says the “War on Terror” is Over

Top UK cabinet official Hilary Benn (son of the inestimable old Labour lion, Tony Benn), has finally admitted in public what every sentient being realized more than five years ago: that the “War on Terror” is a propaganda ploy that has only enhanced the stature and support of Islamic extremists, by imputing world-historical significance to criminal acts by small groups.

As noted, this is extremely old news; but the self-evident bullshit of the “War on Terror” trope has not prevented it

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George Bush Sex Flop Shock: Killjoy Bested by Hormonal Surge

Junior Bush’s megabucks campaign to stop the young’uns from gettin’ nekkid has gone all flaccid, the Guardian reports. Seems the L‘il Preznit’s sweaty obsession with teen sex – a predilection which first manifested itself publicly when he was governor of Texas – has done exactly zilch to quell the desire of young human beings for each other’s bodies. A major new study of the “abstinence programs” that Bush has bankrolled in America’s schools

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