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Pipe Dreams: War Profiteers Plow Under the Poor

A.C. Grayling nails the stupendous – and literally murderous – folly of the Bush Regime’s decision to launch a war of economic destruction against the Afghan people: Opium of the People (Guardian). The Regime is pressing its satrap in Kabul to step up the eradication, at gunpoint, of the nation’s only cash crop – opium – with American-made herbicides. Thus both the land and the agrarian-based economy that most Afghans depend upon will be blighted, and multitudes will be plunged into

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The Filth Factor: Malkin Stalkin’ Children to Defame Der Leader’s Critics

Check out this ThinkProgress post on the smear assault launched by the Brownshirtosphere against a 12-year-old child and his family for daring to criticize the “Unitary Executive’s” heartless health policies. As TP notes, the usual suspects have piled on Graeme Frost, whose story was featured in a Democratic radio address two weeks ago in an effort to head off Bush’s slashing of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. TP finds Powerline, the war pornographers at the Weekly Standard, the genocidal Glenn “More Rubble, Less Trouble” Reynolds, the National

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Bitter Twist of Fate: The Last of the Standing Ones

Our guest blogger for today, Mr. Mark Floyd – poet, mentor, hipster, working man – rings the changes with a new set of lyrics built around the old Muddy Waters blues romp that Bob Dylan recently borrowed for his “Modern Times.” Floyd takes us “Rollin’ and Tumblin'” through the nightmare alley of modern America, and along the way answers the question that should face everyone in the lost generation — the Baby Boomers who have celebrated themselves and their high ideals so extravagantly for decades but who now, in power,

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Annals of Alliance: Democracy Marches Onward Under Bush Bud Musharraf

From the NYT: “A plainclothes police officer in Karachi detained an opponent of Gen. Pervez Musharraf on Saturday during protests against the re-election of General Musharraf as the president of Pakistan.”

This is the portrait of authoritarian, militarist “managed democracy” under a “unified executive” regime. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you — if it’s not there already.  Boycotts and Legal Fight Cloud Victory for Musharraf.

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Annals of Liberation: Iraqis Cite Another Massacre of Civilians by American Airpower

Our text for today: Accounts Differ Sharply on U.S. Attack in Iraq (NYT)

American troops backed by aircraft attacked a Shiite town north of Baghdad at dawn on Friday, killing at least 25 Iraqis the military described as criminals who were involved in the transport of weapons. But Iraqis at the scene said the dead were civilians, though some were armed. The military said it was searching for an insurgent leader believed to be associated with the elite Iranian Quds Force, which
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A Conquered Continent: The True Relationship Between Europe and America

The cartoon version America’s relationship to Europe – and a cartoon version is of course the only version of foreign relations on offer in the corporate media – goes something like this: Old World and New World are now more estranged from one another than at any time in living memory, due to the Bush Administration’s aggressive policies and disdain for international institutions and diplomatic niceties.

In America, those on the Right think this cartoon is a good thing: Europe is

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Strange Rope: A Prevision of Twerpish Tyranny

Avalon Floyd, transatlantic literary scholar (Canterbury and Carolina), has found a remarkable prophecy of our day — and our tainted leaders — in the works of an 18th-century dissident. Ms Floyd writes:

Just wanted to pass this along, as it struck me as being pertinent to the events of our time:

“It is a farce to pretend that a man fights for his country, his hearth, or his altars, when he has neither liberty nor property. — His property
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Ducks in a Row: Congress, Media Clamber on Board the War Train to Persia


Jon Schwarz, citing Carah Ong at Iran Nuclear Watch, reports that the Senate vote on the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment — essentially, a pre-emptive approval of any military action that the Bush Regime wants to take against Iran — could be voted on as soon as Tuesday. According to Ong, one of the complete non-entities who are currently shaming the state of Tennessee in the Senate — the feckless frat-geezer Lamar Alexander — has asked to tie his name to the bill as well.


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Blood Ties: The Furies That Haunt the American Family

Below is a comment posted on this website  by one of our regular readers, Scott Douglas. I wanted to bring it up to the front page and highlight it, because I think it is an emblematic story of the history of our times. So with his permission, here it is:

In December of 1972, when I was just a lad of thirteen years, the United States government launched a shock and awe campaign of carnage against Hanoi and Haiphong, delivered by
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