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Blogball World Series: Double Play Ends the Inning Against Washington Warmongers

(Celebrations were premature after the Commissioner-in-Chief’s unprecedented ruling.)

The deadliest infield combo strikes again: It’s Schwarz-to-Silber retiring the side, as the Outside Agitators hold off the Warmongers one more time. Unfortunately, the Commisioner-in-Chief has just decreed that the Warmongers will now get to have 900 at-bats every inning, so it looks like our boys are going to wear out those gloves.

In a quick interview on the steps to the dugout, Silber had

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More Fresh Hell Served Up on the Terror War’s Somalia Front

There is more travail in Somalia, the land that time forgot – but the War on Terror did not. As reported copiously here, Somalia is the third “regime change” operation of Bush’s globe-devouring Terror War. (Check out at least some of the stories gathered here to get an idea of the death and suffering spawned by the American-backed upheaval.) This blood-red op was conducted largely by proxy, through the invading armies of Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi and Somali warlords on the CIA payroll.
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Tarting Up for the Tyrant: A Royal Flush of Hypocrisy

Peter Tatchell has a few choice words in the Guardian on the sumptuous state visit of the Saudi king to his British counterpart. As Tatchell notes, this visit — like similar royal progresses to Crawford, Texas — lays bare the howling, bloodsoaked hypocrisy of the noble defenders of freedom and Western civilization. They will deck themselves out like two-dollar whores and crawl on their bellies like a reptile to keep that Saudi money flowing into the pockets of their cronies

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Friends Reunited: Blair and Bush Team Up to Sell New War

My latest guest-blogging piece for Glenn Greenwald is up over at right now. You can find it here. Below are some brief excerpts:

You can’t teach an old lapdog new tricks. And Tony Blair was barking up the wrong tree yet again last week in his first major appearance since he skulked ingloriously away from office back in June. Blair seized the opportunity of a New York speech to trumpet the blood libel that Iran is now the embodiment of the entire “global ideology” of
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Rain of Terror: The Iraqi Air War in Context


I’ve got another guest-post up over at Glenn Greenwald’s place; you can find it here. Below is a brief excerpt:

Monday, the Pentagon acknowledged a long-unspoken truth: that the bombardment of civilian neighborhoods in Iraq is an integral part of the vaunted “counterinsurgency” doctrine of Gen. David Petraeus. The number of airstrikes in the conquered land has risen fivefold since George W. Bush escalated the war in January…

What we are also seeing with this strategy is, to put it plainly, an attempt to terrorize a civilian

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Disappearing, Inc.: The Bush Regime’s Human Shell Game

Here’s a brief follow-up to a post from last week, Burma on the Potmac. It’s another story of security apparatchiks gone wild at the federal Agency for Control of Scary Darkies, also known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The controllers have now “disappeared” more than 100 detainees, suddenly dispersing them from a California holding pen to points unknown. Not even the captives’ lawyers know where they are:

U.S. Immigration officials were under fire Sunday for moving detainees from a
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Unhappy Birthday: The Democrats’ Year of Living Disastrously

My first piece of guest-blogging for Glenn Greenwald is up at The Democrats’ year of living disastrously. Here’s a clip:

The prospect of a Democratic victory in 2006 was for many people the last, flickering hope that the degradation of the republic could be arrested and reversed within the ordinary bounds of the political system. This was always a fantasy, given the strong bipartisan nature and decades-long cultivation of greed, arrogance and militarism that has now come to its fullest bloom in the Bush administration. But desperation can
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Mission Accomplished: A New Look at Bush’s Victory in Iraq

In the latest London Review of Books, Jim Holt provides a cogent, powerful account of a theme we have been sounding here for years; i.e., that the Iraq War has actually been a resounding success for the Bush Faction (and the various elites it represents and embodies). The Bushists have achieved almost all of their initial war aims and are now set to reap a windfall of up to $30 trillion that will maintain the American elite’s whip-hand over the world for generations to come. And all it cost was a measly $1 trillion

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Bipartisan Perversity: Rebuking the Truth, Mocking the Dead

Here’s how it works in the fightin’ progressive liberal anti-war Democratic majority in Congress: if you speak the actual truth about George W. Bush’s murderous war crime in Iraq, you get slapped down.

Pelosi Rebukes Stark for Iraq Comments (AP)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rebuked a fellow San Francisco Bay-area liberal Friday for what she said were “inappropriate” comments about Iraq during a congressional debate. During a debate on
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