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Collusion Course: Dems Play Impeachment Farce as Republic Burns

I was planning to write on the malevolent farce played out in Congress yesterday, when the Democratic leadership floundered around in a sweaty panic trying to prevent Dennis Kuchinich’s impeachment resolution from even being discussed, much less voted upon. But Arthur Silber is already on the case, as we’ll see below.

Silber also makes a broader point whose stinging truth should – but won’t – spread across the “progressive” movement. As Silber notes, the Republicans proudly champion torture, Hitlerite aggressive war, and iron-fisted domestic tyranny; they

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Mad Cow Nation: America’s Willing Surrender

Michael Massing has written a very important story about at very important truth: the main reason that the American people are so deeply uninformed about the reality of the war of aggression being waged in their names in Iraq is that they do not want to know.

Massing shows that the rigorous self-censorship practiced by the American people and the media is actually worse than the machinations of Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984; at least in that fictional world, the draconian repression of reality was imposed

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Unelective Affinities: A Curious Coincidence in Pakistan Coup

Via Angry Arab comes this report from the Asia Times:

Admiral William Fallon, commander of the US Central Command, was on a visit to Pakistan, and he actually happened to be in the general headquarters of the Pakistan armed forces in Rawalpindi when Musharraf was giving the final touches to his proclamation on emergency rule. The political symbolism was unmistakable.

Yes, wasn’t it though? It seems that the long waltz

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Annals of Journalism: A Worthy Innovation From the NY Times

A Taliban spokesman has denied the accusation that the group was behind the horrific suicide bombing in northern Afghanistan yesterday. In reporting on the attack, the New York Times twice made careful mention of the fact that the spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, “has been unreliable” and “often made erroneous claims” in the past. No doubt this is true. We commend the Times for putting Mujahid’s comments in the proper perspective, so that informed readers can decide how much credibility his statements may or may not have.

<span style="font-family:

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Powder Keg: The Explosive Consequences of Counterterrorism

Today is Guy Fawkes Day, when the Britons whom I live among celebrate the foiling of a plot to blow up Parliament and the royal family in 1605. The leader of the botched operation, Catholic militant Guido Fawkes, is traditionally burned in effigy at great bonfires across the land. Nowadays, the holiday has become more of a simple fall festival, a family night out with fireworks and fun fairs laid on by the local authorities and various institutions.But this modern innocence masks what was a far more vicious and brutal affair, as the “counterterrorism surge” launched by King James I

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Loss Leader: Terror War Dividends From Pakistani Breakdown


The nightmare scenario that the “War on Terror” is ostensibly meant to address — with its massive outlay of tax dollars and death — is now coming to pass: an Islamic nation which has extensive ties to sectarian terrorism, a nuclear arsenal and a proven record of blackmarket proliferation of WMD technology is collapsing into the status of a failed state. But of course this scenario doesn’t apply to any of the three countries already shattered by Terror War “shock and awe” — Iraq, Afghanistan and <span

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Kill the Messenger, On With the War: A Noxious Discharge From Armed Liberal

As a rule, I don’t like to get into intramural “blogosphere” controversies at this site, nor do I like to write too much about myself. But I’m going to do both of those things today.

Yesterday I quoted at great length from a piece by Arthur Silber, which was sparked by a new polls showing that a majority of Americans now favor military action to stop Iran from raising that ole debbil mushroom cloud in the heartland of

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Silber Hammer: Mapping the Roads to Hell


Arthur Silber hits hard at the new poll showing that a majority of the American people now support a military strike against Iran in the name of preventing Tehran from developing a nuclear weapon. The result is a deeply disheartening if completely unsurprising demonstration that the warmongering propaganda of the Bush Regime — and those ever-bellicose Beltway Democrats — is working with deadly effectiveness, as usual.

The fact that the most intensive inspection program in the history of International Atomic Energy Agency<a

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Paper Route: Grim Reading from the Guardian

I’ve been too busy cleaning my guns the last few days to write anything, but the Guardian has sure enough been cooking with gas recently, so I will just point you to a few choice morsels from their stove. Meanwhile, I hope to be serving up some more of my own slop very soon.

Seth Freedman finds himself in a hall full of Jewish fascists at a recent “memorial rally” for the vicious, violent racist Meir Kahane: Let’s Not Go Full Circle.


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Just Shoot Me: A Further Observation or Two Regarding Guns

An observation, for what it’s worth: Mention gun control in a post — yea or nay, it doesn’t matter — and the world beats a path to your door (then proceeds to beat you over the head, but that’s another story). Traffic shoots way up, debate rages, people come from far and near to look on or weigh in. However, write a post about innocent people being slaughtered in Somalia — with American bombs, American death squads, and American money fueling an act of aggression by a brutal dictator —

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