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Rain of Terror: Storm Warnings of More Tyranny to Come

For years now, Britain has been the canary in the mineshaft — or perhaps a patient etherized upon a table — when it comes to the daylight robbery of ancient liberties by a “Terror War” state. In many cases, the “New Labour” regime has been far in advance of the Bushists in the practice of this dark art. Not so much the backroom stuff, of course; as we’ve noted here often, Bush and his minions have long claimed — and exercised — the power to snatch

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Special Relationship: Bush Family Friends Flay Rape Victim

The ever-estimable Buzzflash asks the pertinent question: Will Laura Bush, renowned campaigner on behalf of the oppressed women of Islam, take up the cudgels for the “Girl from Qatif”: a 19-year-old woman who was gang-raped – and has now been sentenced by a Saudi court to six months in jail – and 200 lashes – for the “crime” of being in the car of a man who was not her relative? Like Buzz, we all know the answer: she will not. At the most, we might possibly see a bland statement of mild, tut-tutting disapproval issued by a minor minion

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Double Bluff: The Democrats’ Pro-War Anti-War Bill

There has been much throwing about of brains on the Democrats’ “bold” new proposal to “end” the onging war crime in Iraq. Anyone who still believes that these Reid-Pelosi Democrats are going to do anything to kill – or even pinch – the militarist goose whose golden eggs of loot and dominion are fattening the bipartisan plutocracy is, to put it mildly, a rock-bottom fool.

Arthur Silber does his usual excellent demolition job on this latest bit of bunkum from the “opposition” and the support it has garnered from

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Empire Burlesque Live! (On Tape)

Your correspondent’s sleep-deprived mutterings on various interesting issues of foreign policy (i.e., aggression, atrocity, torture, rapine) and domestic politics (videlicet, going to hell in a great big handbasket) is now up at Antiwar Radio, with the excellent Scott Horton directing the conversation. Check it out, if you take a notion.

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Lapdog 2.0: Brown Backs Bush Deceit in March to Iran War

Just in case anyone still thought that the ignominious departure of Tony Blair meant some kind of sea change in Britain’s slavish obedience to the Bush Regime’s warmongering, new  British PM Gordon Brown came out as a hardliner against Iran on Monday, declaring that the UK “will lead” the global fight to thwart Iran’s nuclear program, as the Guardian reports.Brown’s broadside came just days after the White House complained that he was not being as bellicose with the Persians as Bush’s best new friend, the fiery French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Duly chastened, Brown seized the opportunity of his first major

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Update: Another Surge Success Story

Following on from our previous report on the America’s new allies in Iraq, Juan Cole has more on another “success” of the surge: the loudly-trumpeted “return” of some Baghdad residents to the city.

Al-Hayat reports in Arabic that Syrian officials say 1,500 Iraqis are being forced to leave Syria every day as a result of strict new visa requirements…Note, however, that this influx of 7,000 Iraqis a week from Syria is not spurred by better security in
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Shotgun Wedding: The Saint, the Insurgent and the Surge’s “Success”

Although 2007 will have seen the largest number of American military deaths in Iraq and the passing of the one million mark in Iraqi civilians killed, there has been much triumphant harrumphing of late about a slight drop in the horrific death count in Iraq — proof, we are told, for the umpteenth time, that the war of aggression has finally “turned the corner” (i.e., the conquered people have finally been beaten into submission).

To the extent that there has been any lessening of the ongoing slaughter for a short period,

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System of a Down: Powers, Principalities and the Sacred Right to Torture

At his Harper’s blog, Scott Horton demonstrates how the architects of George W. Bush’s filthy torture regimen are now holding positions that allow them to protect themselves and their masters from the legal consequences of their actions.

Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Crouch, a former military prosecutor, was due to testify to a Congressional subcommittee about the Administration’s attempt to suppress evidence of torture in “Military Commission” trials of alleged terrorists. But at the last minute, he was blocked from testifying by the

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Lord Have Mercy: Religious Fascist Endorses Political Fascist for Preznit

Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani for President (NYT)

It is truly a match made in Heaven: a long-time dictator-coddler, blood diamond merchant, Jew-hater and milkshake shiller – who dabbles in religious flim-flammery on the side – endorsing a torture-loving, warmongering, serially adulterous, gender-confused, compulsively lying authoritarian to lead God’s own country.

Verily I say unto you: we live in blessed times.

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