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American Psycho: An Elite Exposed in an Exit Speech

If you would like to see just how sick the American elite really is – how morally depraved, how intellectually diseased, how addicted to the taste of human flesh, the scent of human blood, and the sight of human suffering – then you need go no further than the speech given by Mitt Romney to the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 7, 2008.

Now you might say that Mitt Romney is old news. After all, this was the very speech

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Storm Warning: Iraq “Surging” Toward New Conflagrations

Scott Ritter, one of the great witnesses of our age, draws upon his extensive knowledge of the realities of Iraq to produce a chilling prophecy of what’s to come in that tormented land.

Before looking to Iraq’s future, Ritter’s introduction captures perfectly the howling unreality of America’s present-day view of the war, a collective madness in which politicians, press – and the people – collaborate in a fantasy that obscures the blood dripping from all of our hands. Ritter:

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Strange Fruit: America’s Gulag and the “Good War”

“Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” — Yeshua ha-Notsri.

The long-running “progressive” stance on America’s 21st century imperial adventures can be reduced to this simple dichotomy: Afghan war good, Iraq war bad. And for all progressives who want to be regarded as “serious,” the Iraq war is bad because it has distracted us from the real war, the good war, in Afghanistan.

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Criminal Intent: Behind the Latest Baghdad Bombing

If the latest mass-murdering market bombing in Iraq was indeed caused by using two women with Down syndrome (or otherwise mentally impaired) as the bomb carriers, then it was a particularly heinous act. (Of course, all terrorist attacks — such as dropping 40,000 pounds of bombs in just 10 minutes on the Iraqi town of Arab Jabour, as American forces did last month — are heinous, inhuman war crimes.)

But given the

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Internal Affairs: Biochemistry and the Body Politic

Politics, in both practice and analysis, is very often a traffic in abstractions. Programs and policies – and certainly all the attendant propaganda — are usually couched in vague terms or impersonal categories, no matter how seemingly precise: “the people,” “the markets,” “the Arab street,” “the international community,” “soccer moms,” “swing voters,” “economic migrants,” “liberals,” “conservatives,” all the many “isms” and ideologies. The study of history too is painted in similar broad strokes.

Some measure of abstraction is unavoidable in speaking of larger issues, of course (although some

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Singing for Suharto: The Lasting Values of the Great and Good

One of the most bloodthirsty dictators of the 20th century — who killed up to a million of his own people, then ruthlessly raped a defenseless country, took it over and killed 200,000 more — died last week. The Bush Administation’s reaction was swift, and entirely characteristic of a government that has devoted itself to the advancement of human liberty across the globe:

They sang the mass murderer a hymn of praise.

As Australia’s Herald Sun reports:
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The Burlesque Goes On: Back From the Hack — Again

Apologies to all for the long glitch yesterday. We were hacked once again, the worst one yet – and once again, the attack was politically motivated, as clearly indicated by messages left on the server. New – and expensive – measures are being undertaken to beef up security, but it’s obvious that this blog, as relatively obscure as it is, has struck a nerve somewhere with people capable of continuous, highly sophisticated cyberattacks. Anyway, if you should encounter any more disruptions at some point down the line, we can only ask you to be patient, and keep

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Annals of Liberation: ‘Good War’ Goons Crush Press Freedom

For a media story that might possibly be slightly more important than the momentous blogswarm victory over Chris Matthews, concerned netizens could turn their attention to the atrocious case of Sayed Perwiz Kaambaksh, a 23-year-old Afghan student who has been sentenced to death for printing an allegedly blasphemous article downloaded from the internet, as CNN reports.

Kaambaksh was tried in a closed court, without legal representation, by officials of the government installed by George Bush’s “good war” crusade to, you know, liberate the Afghan people

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Scoop! Blog Obtains Advance Copy of State of the Union Speech

In an astonishing scoop, Empire Burlesque has obtained an advance copy of President Bush’s “State of the Union” speech to be given in a few hours. We are releasing the speech now as a public service, so that our fellow citizens can be fully informed about the president’s assessment of the nation’s political health and his vision for the future – without having to actually look at his smirking, gooberish, sick-making face. Without further ado, here is the speech in full:

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