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The Abuser Abused: Eliot Spitzer Meets the Real Governor of New York

Scott Horton points to several glaring pieces of evidence indicating that Eliot Spitzer was targeted for political  destruction by the partisan apparatchiks of George W. Bush’s thoroughly corrupt Justice Department. It turns out that Spitzer was the subject of a secret, free-floating federal investigation, with much money and manpower employed in trawling through his finances and private life until something juicy finally turned up. As Horton notes, Bush prosecutors are a dab hand at this kind of dirty pool by now, although usually they have to trump

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Monster Mash: Words to Live By, Politics to Die From

Some recent readings of particular note:

1. That saucy madcap Arthur Silber finds rich comedy in the anguished confessions of long-time “Clinton apologists” who have been shocked — shocked — to find that Hill and Bill are actually ruthless, remorseless, shiv-in-the-back power-grubbers who would steep themselves in crime and calumny to advance their own interests at the expense of friends, allies, party and or nation. Who knew? Get on over to Silber’s place now for the yocks — and the richly rewarding links.

Silber also

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I and Thou: The Road of Jewish Anti-Zionism

It is of course a sad fact that many people who call themselves “anti-Zionists” are, when you peel back enough layers, actually racists who hate Jews in general, and ascribe any sinister acts perpretrated by individual Jewish people or oganizations to some sort of racial, genetic or cultural taint that pervades the entire group. I’ve gotten emails from many such folks over the years, who begin the exchange with justified blasts at war criminals like Paul Wolfowitz and Ariel Sharon and end up with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a wholesale, often word-for-word re-write by the Tsarist security

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Three-Stomp Blues: Vets Tell True Stories of the Terror War

I. Absence of Evidence
There are many things that the American people are forbidden to know by the immensely profitable organizations that control the dispensing of information in the United States. Some things will simply not be reported, others will be distorted or sugar-coated or shellacked with fabrications until they bear only the most tangential connection to the actual events being “reported.”

One of the most forbidden topics of all, of course, is the savage reality of the conflicts being fought in the name of the

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Chained Melody: Chimes of Unfreedom Flashing

This week we got double barrels of brilliance from Arthur Silber — a national treasure that you neglect at your peril. (For God’s sake, would it kill you to toss a couple of bucks in the hat over at his place to keep this good stuff going? Obama doesn’t have to get all of loose moolah out there, does he?).

First Silber disturbs the unquiet grave of the freshly planted William Buckley by unearthing one of the bravura displays of <a target="_blank" href=""

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Disabuse Your Illusion: Weighing Obama in the Balance of Reality

Hope, said Emily Dickinson, is the thing with feathers, a tough little bird that sounds sweetest in the midst of a storm. It’s a commonplace by now, but no less true, that Barack Obama’s winged words of hope have borne him up to the high place where he stands now, on the threshold of the White House. And these words shine all the more brightly against the torrent of filth that the Bush Regime has rained down upon the American people for years. Thus it’s no surprise that millions of

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Pack Daddy: Nation Mourns Loss of Major Moral Cretin

Alack the day, now comes news that the Great White Father of conservatism has been called home. And as Winter Patriot notes here and here, he’s bound to get a warm reception when he gets there.

Meanwhile over at Digby’s place, Tristero has another remembrance of the great man whose “principled” conservatism and “intellectual firepower” did so much to shape the vibrant, healthy political landscape that we enjoy today.

One final note. I’ve read William Buckley’s scribblings

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God’s Own Baby-Killers: Abortions Soar Where Religious Zeal Abounds

George Monbiot reports on a study revealing — surprise, surprise! — that countries with the most fervent religious faith have the greatest number of abortions.

As Monbiot notes, this stems directly from one of the primary aims of organized religion: the control of women, especially their fertility. The zealous pursuit of this goal leads to rejection of contraception and sex education, which in turn gives rise to more unwanted pregnancies — hence more abortions. In fact, studies show that the country with perhaps the most “liberal” and “permissive”

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Fortunes of War: Death and Chaos No Problem for Profit-Seekers in Iraq

We have long been told that the “security situation” in Iraq is the reason why the loudly promised “reconstruction” of the shattered nation by altruistic Western firms has been thwarted. Foreign corporations, particularly the oil companies, are eager to come to the aid of the suffering Iraqi people with expertise, technology and massive investment — just as soon as those quarrelsome Arabs settle down and stop killing each other.

So the story goes. But as usual, the truth is far from that. As the British government’s top advisor revealed this week

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Empire and Burlesque: Permanent Bases Rise While Public Gawks at Geeks

Thirty years ago, I was in Nashville for a Bob Dylan concert. It was during Dylan’s “Vegas” tour: full entourage of back-up singers, horn players, “big band” arrangements, glitzy Elvis-style suits for the star, all of it slickly packaged by Hollywood impresario Jerry Weintraub, who handled Frank Sinatra and Neil Diamond, among others. It was, to put it mildly, a real hoot. Especially intriguing was the persona that Dylan had adopted for the tour: a chatty Vegas lounge singer, full of patter and stories for the crowd between numbers.

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