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Easter Rising: A War Against the World


Jon Schwarz, in exorciating the well-wadded cluelessness of Jeffrey
, gives us one of the very best descriptions of our present
reality that I’ve ever seen:

What Goldberg still cannot see, despite it hitting him in the face
every second for five years, in that the “war” Donald Rumsfeld and Dick
Cheney have fought is not the United States Vs. Iraq. Nor is it the
United States vs. Things Jeffrey Goldberg Doesn’t Like.

Instead, the war the Bush administration has fought

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One Foot in the Grave: Iran Attack Nearer, More Likely Than Most Suspect

A very important, very disturbing — and almost entirely overlooked — piece appeared on Juan Cole’s Informed Comment site this week. It was a guest column by William R. Polk, laying out, in copious and convincing detail, the evidence indicating that the United States will indeed launch a military strike against Iran, most probably before George W. Bush leaves office.

However, even if Bush does hold off for some reason, the processes that Polk describes will almost certainly lead the next president into war with Iran, especially as

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Five Years and Counting: A Milestone on America’s Long March Into Hell

We’ve all seen a blizzard of articles noting the five-year anniversary of the act of aggression launched against Iraq at the order of George W. Bush. There have been great slag-heaps of mendacity among these commemorations — none more foul than the stinking torrent of lies that poured forth through the blood-flecked teeth of Bush himself on Wednesday — but also some excellent analyses of the true situation in Iraq in this fifth year of hell.

The latter include the series of text

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Annals of Liberation: Buried Truths, Bloody Lies and Our Expert Executioners


For a proper perspective on the fifth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, check out Winter Patriot on the Winter Soldier hearings in Washington DC. WP has all background — and the vital links — to this important conference, where the Iraq Veterans Against the War are presenting hard truths about the bloody, brutal — and brutalizing — reality of the continuing American war crime in the shattered land. Get over there now, read WP’s excerpts, then hop to

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Another Act of Evil: Slow Murder at Gitmo

One grows weary, so weary, of
plowing through filth, day after day – the unspeakable, blood-soaked,
stinking filth of torture, murder, lies and degradation that pours in a
relentless, unending stream from the belching pits of the Bush Regime.
And let’s be clear: we speak here of deliberate evil – not good works
gone wrong, not mere “incompetence,” not misguided policies or
ignorance or even ideological blindness– but fully concious acts of
evil which the perpetrators themselves know are evil.

such act is in the concentration camp in Guanatanamo Bay: the slow,
deliberate murder of an innocent

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Silent Scream: Anguish Grows in the Terror War’s Forgotten Victim

With each passing week, anguish and atrocity are deepening in Somalia, the third “regime change” target of George Bush’s Terror War. Thousands of innocent people have been killed and a million have been driven from their homes by an Ethiopian invasion backed, funded and armed by the Bush Administration, which has also intervened directly with air strikes, naval shelling, renditions of fleeing refugees (including U.S. citizens) to Ethiopia’s notorious prisons and, on at least one occasion, with a U.S. death squad sent in after an airstrike with orders to <a target="_blank"

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Decline of the West: Britain Surrenders to Religious Extremists

Oh my gosh, maybe Martin Amis, Mark Steyn and Mitt Romney are right after all! Maybe the religious extremists have taken over Britain and, under the cloak of “political correctness,” are now imposing their bigoted, obscurantist, misogynist worldview on the rest of society.

A report in the Guardian brings the disturbing news that Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned a TV commercial for hair products because it was “likely to cause serious offence” to the fanatical adherents of a primitive

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