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Power Surge: Force Protection with Extreme Prejudice

The picture above shows a two-year-old child killed when American forces fired rockets into a heavily populated area of Baghdad’s Sadr City. Pentagon spokesmen said the operation was “force protection;” U.S. forces had come under sniper fire from the neighborhood.

No doubt this is true; when you invade a country for no reason, drive it into ruination, chaos and civil war, then continue to occupy it year after year, why then, sometimes the natives will get restless and fire back

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A Condemned Man: Bashing Wright, Banishing Truth

On Monday, Barack Obama humiliated and demeaned himself with yet another denunciation of his old friend and mentor, Jeremiah Wright. But there was no “national dialogue on race” this time around — just cold, flat-out condemnation. Obama even declared that Wright was “not the same man I’ve known for 20 years” anymore — echoing the newly crowned King Henry’s blast at Falstaff: “I know thee not, old man; fall to thy prayers.” There were even gospel echoes in Barack’s blast:

And Simon Peter stood and
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The Torture Election

As the presidential horse race grows more frenzied and absurd — Flag pins!  Bowling! Obliteration!– it is important to keep in mind what the election is really about: torture.

Specifically, the use of torture as an openly admitted, formally recognized instrument of national policy, approved at the highest level of government. The Bush Administration has now dropped all pretense that it is not engaging in interrogation techniques and incarceration practices long recognized by both international and U.S. law as blatantly criminal. What’s more, the Administration boldly

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Critical Reaction: The Empire Strikes Back in Kabul?

On Friday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai gave an interview to Carlotta Gall of the New York Times, in which he blasted American and British conduct of the war in his country. Karzai said the Anglo-American powers should stop their incessant killing of civilians and quit conducting their “War on Terror” against Afghan villagers. Perhaps most remarkably, he called on the Western forces to stop targeting Taliban members and suspected sympathizers. The interview represented the harshest criticism he has ever levelled against the Western powers.

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Power Couple: Hillary andTom, Bombs and Pies


Jon Schwarz is, as always, cooking with high-grade gas over at A Tiny Revolution. His two latest pieces are prime examples. First, he tells us why, according to the logic and rhetoric of Hillary Clinton — and the great conglomerated googily-moogily of the bipartisan foreign policy establishment and the high corporate media — Iran is fully entitled to invade the United States.

Next, he gives fresh confirmation as to exactly why Tom Friedman deserves a nice, juicy pie — <a

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New Terror War Atrocity: Beheading the Innocent for Bush in Somalia

Earlier this week, we noted reports that Ethiopian invaders in Somalia had killed several moderate clerics and other unarmed people in a mosque north of Mogadishu during the recent bloody reprisals against civilian areas launched by the Bush-backed invaders and their Somali allies. At the time, sketchy reports from the BBC indicated that at least 10 people had been killed in the mosque.

Now Amnesty International has charged Ethiopian soldiers with killing 21 people in the mosque — and slitting the throats of seven of their victims, <a target="_blank"

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The Commander Riseth


Here’s a big shock: General Petraeus is to be put in charge of the whole Terror War shebang in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and everywhere else in the great “arc of crisis.”

How surprising, that a colorless apparatchik favored and feted (and found useful) by the entire “bipartisan foreign policy establishment” was able to ace out his marginally independent superior and claim his job!

Yes sir, the sky’s the limit for this eager beaver. Next up, head of the

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Glorious Fruits of the War for Civilization

Annals of Liberation I: “Angry Arab” As’ad AbuKhalil notes the curious Bush-Clinton notions of liberation and freedom in Iraq:

Today Hillary said that the US gave Iraq “the precious gift” of freedom. Here is an example [from the Washington Post]: “Iraq is resisting U.S. proposals for a pair of new bilateral security agreements, saying it expects Washington to compromise on “sensitive issues,” including the right to imprison Iraqi citizens unilaterally, Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said Monday. Other problematic areas now being
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New Britney Spears Sex Tape Bares All!


I know no one cares about Somalia;  every time I write about it on the website, the traffic drops like a stone. (Let’s see if that headline draws a few eyeballs, though. If it works, we might just rename the whole damn blog.) But I don’t care if no one cares. There is a continuous slaughter and ravaging of innocent human beings going on in Somalia, a vast atrocity that is sponsored, funded, greenlighted and directly aided by the United States government, and I’m going to keep on writing about it. <br style="font-family:

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Brilliant Disguise: Bush Torture, Obama and The Boss

We offer now a telling juxtaposition of stories. First is the Guardian’s new excerpt of Phillipe Sands’ new book, Torture Team: Deception, Cruelty, and the Compromise of Law. (Another extract was published earlier in Vanity Fair, which we examined here.) Sands’ book lays out in great detail the process by which the highest officials of the American government – including the President, Vice President and the Secretary of Defense – with great

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